Daddy Saj

Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, commonly known as Daddy Saj was born in 1978 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He fled to Guinea in 1997 as a refugee where he became more involved in music. When he returned to Sierra Leone he linked up with Jimmy B , a producer who signed him to his Paradise Family Label. In 2003 Daddy Saj started his own label called Daddy Saj Entertainment.

His debut album “Corruption” featured his hit song ‘Corruption E Do So’ , which means “Corruption Enough is Enough”. This song was released during a time when corrupt practices by authorities continuously would occur.

Not only did this song blow up in Sierra Leone but across all over Africa. This song was all over the radio stations , in rotation in street bars , pubs and restaurants. Unfortunately the radio play was cut short because some top government officials publicly announced their opinion that the song contained words that did not reflect the reality of the government of Sierra Leone. Politicians ultimately called for a ban of the song.

Daddy Saj uses his music to address political corruption. His rap style is a blend of hip hop and tradition goombay music. His music is mostly in Kiro, Sierra Leone’s nation language, but he also performs in English. In this song he raps in his native tongue because he felt if a powerful song like this was easier to understand, his audience would really be able to feel it more and he was right.

Many people believe Daddy Saj is one of the most famous and biggest musicians from Sierra Leone and that is not up for debate. To this day , Daddy Saj encourages his colleagues is the music industry to continue to promote the message of peace and unity and to uphold the good image of the country.

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