Mighty Joe


In his song They Say he talks about his haters and how they can not hold him back. He talks about how no matter what they say that he will always do it his way. In the music video you can see places around Gambia and the people there as well. The video is shot in multiple locations. You can see it is shot at the beach, a spot on a bridge and a local town. His style in the music video is a mix of American style and his own culture. Same with the people around. He is seen wearing a dashiki sometimes and then back to the American style. The people in the video are wearing more American style clothing. For the jewelry he keeps it lowkey and is not flashing all he has like in American hip hop videos today. He even shows the local newspaper in the music video. Also in the video he talks about problems in the community and the government and talks about how he has to remain the same and play his part. He even had a little narrative to his video and he showed him being kidnapped and being force to switch who he is but remains strong and doesn’t give in. Overall the music video is good and the message in it is good as well. He blends his style with American hip hop and does it seamlessly.  Here is the video.

My Motherland Is Not A Jungle: Africa Through Say’hu’s Eyes

I decided to choose an artist whose name I did not hear much in the class. The title of Say’hu’s song, “Motherland” drew my attention because everybody has their own opinion as to what their motherland is or what the term means to them. To me, my motherland is where myself and my family originate from, Africa. Although I have never been there and the two generations before me were born here on American soil I still have this strong connection to Africa. America is not my native land, otherwise I’d be Native American. For Say’hu, Africa is also his motherland being that he was born there, lives there and is of African descent. He describes Africa as “land of the great pharaohs where the sun never leaves”. Say’hu sees Africa as a land of radiance and beauty, a place where royalty are from and people from all across come to capture his vision. However, Say’hu also mentions how certain immigrants to the land are ignorant to this view of Africa and think of it as a jungle whenever they hear her name.

Say’hu represents both his country and the diaspora because although there are people like him who are born and raised in Africa and recognize it as their motherland, you have the black diaspora, which includes myself, whom also consider Africa to be their motherland. Although many of us have never set foot on African soil, many of us do acknowledge that Africa is our country of origin, before migration and of course slavery changed all of that for the most part. Say’hu talks about how Africa needs a savior, as well. His people are dying and the leader’s priority is money, an idea that many of the black diaspora here in America can relate to. African Americans are dying at a rate much higher than other races but our government and our system is designed to ensure this happens and to profit off of it.

Overall I believe Say’hu gave an accurate respresentation of both Africa and of the diaspora by incorporating personal experience, quotations and by describing the two sides of Africa and also the different views people have of the motherland.


Gambia: Hot-B New Album Goes Online

Baboucarr Joof aka Hot B SDF, one of the Gambia’s promising hip-hop rappers recently released his second album.  After being discovered during a music festival held in the Senegalese city of Dakar, the rapper made his fame when he dropped his debut album, called “Love and Peace in the Gambia” in 2007. But unlike his previous album, the artist decided to release it on the internet in the form of a free download. In a recent chat with What’s on, HOT B as fondly called said he decided to release the free download online album because of the love he has for Hip-hop and ever-increasing fans. HOB B also has another upcoming album that he made after signing with an independent label. The album is called “Independent Squad” and will hit the streets very soon.