Borders: What are they good for? Senegalese and Gambian Hip Hop

This Podcast was created to examine the unique situation of The Gambia and Senegal and how the imposition of a border across the wolof culture has affected the music scene there. In the podcast, three artists are discussed: Y’en a Marre, Bai Babu, and T Smallz. The podcast begins talking about language, then moves to discussing differences in politicization of hip hop across the Senegambian region, and then wraps up with a discussion of gender rolls. Also discussed is the unique, continuing role of griot families in modern music.

Image result for Faux pas force
Faux Pas Force–By the Y’en a Marre Collective Link
Image result for T smallz
Gambian Rapper T Smallz

T Smallz Soundcloud: Link here

Bai Babu
Gambian Mbalax Rapper Bai Babu

Bai Babu’s Soundcloud: Link Here

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