This is a blog dedicated to the “African Hip Hop Project”. The project will include information on resources and artists that focus on hip hop. The blog is currently being maintained and updated by students in the Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa course in the African Studies Department at Howard University. The course is taught by Msia Kibona Clark.

If you would like to your artist to be featured on the blog, please send a press release and all the relevant online links, especially to the artist’s music.

podcast-logo1-e1479827092395We also host a monthly podcast on social issues and hip hop. That podcast features interviews and music from around Africa.

If you would like your music to be featured on the podcast, you must send an MP3 of the song/s to feedback@hiphopafrican.com. In the email please briefly describe the message in the music. You must also indicate in the email that you are giving us permission to play the song in the podcast.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Examples of citations of blog posts on this site (MLA): Suzettewen. “AKA: Biography.” Hip Hop African. WordPress.com. 9 March 2015. Web. 18 January 2017 (date of access).

Examples of citations of podcast episodes on this cite (MLA): Clark, Msia Kibona. “HHAP Episode 6: Kwanza Unit, Hip Hop, and Pan Africanism in Tanzania.” The Hip Hop African Podcast. 29 December 2016. WordPress.com. Web. 18 January 2017.

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