The podcast features discussions on African hip hop music & culture. The podcast is produced & hosted by Msia Kibona Clark and students in the Department of African Studies at Howard University and students in the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

The podcast features interviews and discussions with artists from all over the continent and the Diaspora. The podcast is unique in its format, and values in-depth discussions with people actively involved in hip-hop culture in Africa and the African Diaspora.

We have interviewed diverse artists, activists, and scholars on topics ranging from language, religion, gender, activism, and politics.

The podcast has released dozens of episodes, which are available on this site, as well as iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and on most platforms you go to for podcasts. You can subscribe to the podcast and receive new episodes as they are released. We have recently released several video episodes on our Hip-Hop African YouTube channel.

HHAP Ep76: FOKN Bois on Satire and Music as Social Commentary Hip Hop African Podcast

Ghanaian hip hop duo FOKN Bois use satire to convey important social commentary on religion, politics, and sexuality. In this episode, they share their experiences and the thoughts that have gone into music and the messages they deliver. The duo talks about their decision to rap and write in Pidgin English, which they say stems from needing to “express more of self” to reach their own people. For them, rapping and writing in Pidgin English “brought a new sense of freedom and originality”. Wanlov and M3nsa also discuss their reputations for being rebellious and the need to incorporate humor into their conscious rhymes; and how they sneak “difficult conversations” into their comedic rhyme schemes to reduce resistance to the message that they come to deliver to their people. As Wanlov the Kubolor exclaims: “It’s extremely cathartic to be able to turn your problems into laughter”. Additionally, in responding to student questions, FOKN Bois share with the students their creative process and influences, and the things that keep them going. FOKN Bois are online on Twitter and Soundcloud @foknbois
  1. HHAP Ep76: FOKN Bois on Satire and Music as Social Commentary
  2. HHAP EP. 75: Skilled Rhymes and the Bordertowns on the Volta: Ghana’s Keeny Ice
  3. HHAP Ep. 74: Fid Q on Hip Hop, Language, & Culture in Tanzania
  4. HHAP Ep 73: A Discussion on Race and Identity in South African Hip Hop
  5. HHAP Ep 72: A Conversation on South African Popular Music with Sipho Sithole, p. 1

HHAP Episode 16: Wanlov the Kubolor

  Nov 1, 2017   1 Min read
This month we’re featuring a conversation with Ghanaian artist Wanlov the Kubolor. In the interview we talk about Wanlov the Kubolor’s experiences, his music, the controversies,

Artist Profile: Graffiti Writer Behulum

  Apr 26, 2017   0 Min read
Artist Profile: Graffiti Writer Behulum (Ethiopia) at the 12th Annual Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. This is a special podcast episode recorded at the Trinity

Podcast Introduction

  Oct 5, 2016   0 Min read
We are introducing a new podcast show titled The Hip Hop African podcast. The podcast will feature interviews with artists and conversations around certain social
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