Hip Hop Links

Here are list of websites, blogs, and podcasts that feature content on hip hop in Africa.

AfricanHipHop.com: This is one of the oldest websites dedicated to reporting on hip hop related happenings among African MCs. Africanhiphop.com brings news, interviews, feature stories, dj mixes and web radio shows. The discussion forum has united heads from all over the world in discussion, collabos and even marriage.



HipHopAfrica.net: A website promoting urban African culture via the web. HiphopAfrica.net brings new and exclusive music, mixtapes and albums from your favorite African rappers and also emerging and underground rap and hiphop artistes whose various profile can be found on the site as you navigate.



TheAfricanHipHopBlog.com: This site to showcases the talents of African hip hop artists from all over the world. The site features news, information, exclusive music, video, free downloads, events, and everything else relating to African hip hop. The African Hip Hop Blog also hosts a podcast that can be found on their site, or on iTunes.



WorldHipHopMarket.com: This site specializes in international hip hop. World Hip Hop Market is a sponsor for the annual Trinity International Hip Hop Festival and various smaller shows along the east coast in partnership with Nomadic Wax media company. Every year they publish their annual “Best Of”, which highlights some of the best hip hop releases the previous year.



HIPHOCALYPSE: This was an African Hip Hop podcast that showcased African hip hop artists from all over the continent. It was one of the first podcasts on African hip hop. It was hosted by Sensai Tate and ran from 2007 until 2011. The show is no longer produced, but several of their episodes are still on their Podomatic site.


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