mixtape project: drill in hip hop galsen

Rap in Senegal, known mainly as hip hop galsen, originates from the early period of rap’s arrival in Africa in the late 80’s and early

drill in rwanda

B-Threy’s Nicyo Gituma was released back in July of 2020 features a relatively new genre of hip hop in Rwanda known as Kinyatrap. Pioneered by

Revoluxon Rocky: More Than a Name

Revoluxon Rocky is a Liberian rapper who primarily makes TrapCo music, a genre that is considered a subset of HipCo and seems to have been

ASAP Black: The Future

-William Ross III Simply put as the title suggests, with a little work, ASAP Black is the future of Namibian Hip Hop. Born May 24th,

Wegs the next big thing

Wegz, who was born Ahmed Ali, is a rapper from Egypt. He is from the El Wardian neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt. He began working on

Apollo G’s “Europa” ain’t all that it seems

Apollo G is a hip hop artist from Cape Verde. His music has a heavy trap influence and his lyrics are either in Portuguese or

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