Wegz- Later

At the age of 24 years old, Wegz was established as one of the first premier Egyptian trap artists of his generation. His catalog of music has helped lead Hip-Hop, and its sub-genre Trap music, to a very prominent music genre in Egypt. Many of his videos have garnered millions of views and he is the face of a blossoming Hip-Hop movement in Egypt.

One of his popular and influential songs is Later, which also has a music video along with the song. 

         When listening to the song and watching the video, the message of the song is about endurance. For instance, in one line, he bluntly states that anything that does not kill you has a purpose to make you stronger than before. His social message is that life has no shortage of challenges. Everybody will face these challenges, but it matters more about how people respond to these challenges sent to them. Even more important, Wegz discusses loneliness and how it impacts somebody’s journey.  In the first couple of verses and through his lyrics, Wegz discusses how the current state of the world is very lonely and that one must find a home, whether it’s physically or metaphorically, to survive. Essentially, he is saying that community is important for any human being to succeed and live a fruitful life. In fact, he goes on further to say that when succeeds and reaches the “top” he must bring his friends, who have supported him throughout his journey. 

         One important aspect of this music video is the symbolism and how Wegz uses the music video itself to tell a story. When Wegz is discussing endurance and loneliness at the beginning of the video, the audience can see him walking in his own neighborhood by himself. 

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QErkFl6bFG8

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