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  1.  If I heard this come on the radio in my car I would not turn the station.
  2. This is one of those songs that when it comes on everyone just vibes to it.

V-Way was one of the Top 18 contestants in X-factor South Africa 2014. He was the last standing rapper in the competition who garnered praise and appreciation from the likes of Oskido during his run. With a flow that glides over any beat effortlessly combining vernacular and English lyricism he creates an energetic and locally infused brand of music. He is a member of the hopeboyclub and founder of Pretoria’s very own Only The Illest (OTI) hip hop crew.

V-Way The Hero is definitely a ladies’ man. Most of his songs are anthems that celebrate women of every shape and size, school of thought, skin color and religion. The beat produced by Taurus The Mind is a funky throwback to hip-hop’s hey day with the crisp production quality of a 2017 jam. #Uber2DaCrib is shout out to all the ladies who make such a good impression that you can’t help but uber them to the crib. This jam is set to prime hip-hop dance floors for the summer.

With the reference with some hip hop icon’s like French Montana and Flo Rida. V-Way clearly has confidence in his music career. I think he should be very confident in his career with a catchy song like this one if he keeps producing “popping” hits he should be headed to the top in no time. I will be on a look out for more music by V-Way I always need a song to dance around the house while I’m cleaning or just in the mood to listen to some chill music. You can never have too many songs where you can just turn them on and just let them play on repeat.

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Download #Uber2DaCrib
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Everyone Needs To STAY WOKE on The Artist Dee Wyz

Link to Dee Wyz- Stay Woke

Stay Woke-

/stā/ /wōk/

Deriving from “stay awake,” to stay woke is to keep informed of the storm going on around you in times of turmoil and conflict.


Dee Wyz is a 19 year old South African artist. I had the pleasure of listening to his song Stay Woke. When I first listened to the song the beat caught my attention IMMEDIATELY.  He first starts off the song by repeated “Stay Woke’ x8, since this is a very common term that my peers and I use, I had to keep listening. The song tells the life story about the hard times Dee Wyz has been through. I feel this song could be considered a pick me up, for those who are going through the same or similar situations. Since Dee the age of 3 Dee’s experiences have all helped him become the amazing artist he is today.

This is the type of music I enjoy listening to. Artist that sings/raps about REAL life experiences make REAL music! The amount of personal information Dee exposes in this song means he isn’t afraid to share his journey to success. This song could come off as vulnerable but that is not the case at all. He is sharing his story to tell the listeners that you don’t have to be stuck in your situation. I would definitely be looking out for more music by Dee Wyz, and Stay Woke has just been added to my “fave song” list. He is an artist that everyone is to look out for.

No matter what you are going through remember to always “STAY WOKE,” being aware of situations means you have taken the first step in realizing that change needs to be made. Never let anyone determine your destiny for you. Your life is yours and you’re the only one who can make it better for YOURself.

Dee Wyz Twitter:

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Artist Music Review: “KMG” and “Yung Swiss”

I had the pleasure to review a song under Kalakuta music, which is the only Pan African and bilingual record label in the Ivory coast. This song is called “My Lady” by KMG, a group, featuring “EZZDEAN DUANE” an artist, and collaboration with “MALA ADAMO”, a comedian. This was interesting to listen to since it consisted of lyrics in english, french and yoruba. Since I am not too familiar with understanding french or yoruba, I used my context clues to figure out what the lyrics meant while watching the video and it was quite funny to observe. The comedian in collaboration with the group brought a comedic feel to the scenes he was featured in which made me laugh out loud. Also, the lyrics were quite catchy. I caught myself saying the lyrics towards the end of the video even though I didn’t know what they meant, which not to mention, meshed pretty well with the Afrobeat in the background. Overall, KMG created a pretty cool song I will definitely “bump” to in the future!

As for the second reviewed artist “Yung Swiss”, his two songs were great! One song is called “For the Nation” and the other is “Don’t Go There” featuring “Casino”. They both had a mix of R&B/Hip Hop feel to them. My favorite song out of the two is, “Don’t Go There” mostly because of the beat. If I like a beat to a song, no matter how good the lyrics are, I always find myself putting the song on repeat. This song definitely had one of those types of beats. The lyrics were also quite catchy too. I’ve played it about five times already writing this post! Bravo to Yung Swiss, I’m a new fan and will inquire about the rest of his work and give him a listen!

Here’s the link to KMG’s video:

Here’s the streaming link to Yung Swiss’s two songs:

Featured Images of Artists:

Yung Swiss: 


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HHAP Episode 14: African (Women) MCs & Hip Hop Lyricists

This episode features the music of several MCs from across Africa. We depart from the interview format and bring you music from some of our favorite (women) MCs. This is essentially a mixtape of diverse female voices in African hip hop. These MCs live in different countries, seek different languages, and speak on diverse topics. In each of these songs, the artists performing deliver strong, hard hitting lyrics that are both classic hip hop and representative of African styles of hip hop. See the artists’ social media pages for more information. Additionally, some of the artists have their work on iTunes. Those links are provided.

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HHAP Episode 13: Tanzanian Hip Hop Artists on English Rap in Tanzania

We sat down with 2 groups of young hip hop artists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The first interview includes Mukimala, Salma, & Catalyst. The second interview includes HIM, Victor the Traveler (who is a producer), & Sima. Both groups have different styles and approaches to hip hop culture. But both groups are among a new generation of Tanzanian MC’s rapping in English, instead of Swahili.

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Hip hop: The voice of Africa’s youth

Oliver jarvis

Following in the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21), a string of days in the calendar dedicated to encouraging and reminding people to use their imagination for social transformation, CGTN Africa spoke to expert hip hop professor Msia Kibona Clark on the rising trend of hip hop and what the genre means to Africa’s youth.

Rapping in African music is a tradition that stretches far back, and over time has enjoyed plenty of recapitulations and shifts. The modern trend, blended with the attitude of rap from the West, has recreated a neo-hip hop style – spreading throughout the continent with a brash energy and passion that has arguably kickstarted a musical and cultural revolution amongst Africa’s youth.

The frustration, anger, poverty, joy, and spirit which young rappers have expressed through their lyrics have transformed the minds of millions of African youth, who are able to relate to the messages and stories being told.

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