“no self-respecting African country is without a homemade, distinctive Hip-Hop scene… In many countries African rappers have become the engine of social and political movements”

– Afla Hirsch, The Guardian

Is Hip Hop a Weapon?!

  Aug 25, 2023   4 Min read
George Kyomushula | August 11th, 2023 | Arusha Poetry Club Arumeru | Arusha – Tanzania Hiphop is a music genre made by Black folks. Culturally

Amewuga: The Last Tour by Elom 20ce

  Jul 22, 2023   1 Min read
Togo based rapper Elom 20ce held the final concert dedicated to his sophomore album Amewuga which translates to ‘A person is more valuable than material

Hip Hop Conference @ Howard University

  May 3, 2023   1 Min read
Hip-Hop at The Mecca. This fall, Howard University will host a 2-day Hip-Hop conference and block party. The conference will feature panel presentations by Hip-Hop

Flash Marley – Madre of Togo

  Apr 24, 2023   1 Min read
Flash Marley is a female Togolese artist that embodies strength and character through her music. The title of one of her hit singles released in


  Apr 21, 2023   1 Min read
Wande is a Nigerian American artist based in Atlanta. She grew up in Houston Texans but moved to Atlanta once she signed with Reach Records.

Hip Hop Events

  Apr 21, 2023   1 Min read
The Hip Hop African has collected a list of some of the hip hop events happening this year, in the U.S. and the U.K.

Ivorian Doll: A Star In The Making

  Apr 13, 2023   1 Min read
Ivorian Doll born Vanessa Mahi is a German-born musical artist that relocated to East London at the age of three. Mahi was a Youtuber before

People (Check on Me) by Libianca

  Apr 12, 2023   1 Min read
By Shanell Holback If I had to pick a song that was relatable to millions around the world, especially in modern times, “People (Check on

Tobe Nwigwe “Bravo”

  Apr 12, 2023   1 Min read
I first discovered Tobe Nwigwe during the pandemic. I remember the day my dad came home from work and was so excited to play a

Shane Eagle- Julia

  Apr 12, 2023   1 Min read
In many forms, Hip Hop and rap in Africa has been used over the years to convey and bring awareness to social and political issues.


  Apr 7, 2023   1 Min read
Yazzavelli’s EP is similar to what is discussed in the current readings of my class. When we look at “lyricism of female emcees in Africa,

BYE-BYE by ALG-K (Algerian Rap)

  Apr 5, 2023   1 Min read
“Bye-Bye” is a song by ALG-K, an Algerian rapper who is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative voices in

Congo’s Rap Queen

  Mar 30, 2023   1 Min read
Kinshasa-born female rap artist and emcee, Sista Becky is one of the few in her domain that raps about struggles within the country and the

Go High Go Low- DSJ

  Mar 30, 2023   1 Min read
Dope Saint Jude- also known as Catherine Saint Jude, is a South African rapper, and singer who brought her uniqueness to the hip-hop scene and

Muthoni Drummer Queen’s Power

  Mar 30, 2023   1 Min read
Women have faced oppression and suppression for centuries across the world. This is reflected in the hypermasculinity and the portrayal of women as sexual objects,

Mc Caro

  Mar 30, 2023   1 Min read
Mc Caro is a triumph, unique and showstopping artist from Liberia. She has made waves across her country but her music has traveled much farther

We The Big 3, Check The Spreadsheet

  Mar 30, 2023   1 Min read
Now that African music like Afrobeats and Bongo Flava are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, more people are interested in different genres and artists across the

Mama Samia by Frida Amani

  Mar 30, 2023   2 Min read
Frida Amani is a Tanzanian rapper and hip-hop artist who was born in Dar, Es Salaam. Frida Amani began her music career in 2010 and

Girl Power

  Mar 29, 2023   1 Min read
Mina la Voilée is the literal definition of girl power! With not many female emcees in the scene in Senegal, she elevates new heights among


  Mar 29, 2023   6 Min read
Born Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom in Tema, Accra, Ghana to missionary parents, Eno Barony’s rise to fame began in 2014 when her first

True to me – Karun

  Mar 29, 2023   1 Min read
March, a beautiful month embracing the beautiful women that inhabit our big blue bubble, it’s only right to mention a song that does that and

Sama der, My skin

  Mar 27, 2023   1 Min read
Mina la Voilee or Mina the Veiled is an MC whose very presence challenges the stereotypical view of the hip hop MC as a hypersexual

Sha Madjozi

  Mar 22, 2023   2 Min read
Sho Madjozi whose real name is, Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif. Sho was born in 1992 in Limpopo, South Africa. She is a South African rapper,

AKA – Levels

  Mar 5, 2023   1 Min read
The short song “Levels” by the late AKA packs a punch. The calm buzzing of the synths and the slow roll of the drums gives

Elom 20ce – Egungun

  Mar 3, 2023   1 Min read
This blog post is dedicated to Togolese artist, Elom 20ce. He is a self-proclaimed “arctivist”: artist and activist. He has many hit songs that are

Anderson Mwakazi – Pray for nature

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
Anderson Mwakazi is otherwise known as Harshkid Luckystah, and fellow artists Bernard Kaisa and Simon Mwanjala. Mwakazi is from southeast Kenya and hails from a

Kassmasse’s Wish for Ethiopia

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
By Dagem Teferra When it comes to reflective music that analyses society and advocates for positive change, there aren’t many that do it as well

“Fii” by Hakill

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
In today’s culture, many rappers tend to have significant impacts on major issues that face their nation and influence many people to be the change.

Rais wa Kitaa

  Mar 2, 2023   3 Min read
Nay wa Mitego speaks out against a poor government, high prices, and censorship in Rap single, “Rais wa Kitaa”.  Background of Artist Emmanuel Elibarick, widely

Kilos On Kilos – Octopizzo

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
Henry Ohanga, stage name Octopizzo, is a big name in the rap industry. His art is primarily influenced by his childhood in the slums of

Maglera Doe Boy – ‘Makazana’

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
Lyricism, and out of the box creativity provides a brief description for the ‘Makazana’ visuals released by Maglera Doe Boy in late 2022. Born as

What Have We Not Done?

  Mar 2, 2023   1 Min read
Congolese rap group, Musique Populaire de la Révolution or MPR, raps “Nini To Sali Te” (What Have We Not Done) which address the daily issues

Raja Meziane – Ma Bella

  Mar 1, 2023   1 Min read
Raja Meziane, a female rapper, singer, songwriter, and lawyer who is born and raised in Algeria, believes that rap isn’t simply a political tool but

PdotO’s “Dear God”

  Mar 1, 2023   2 Min read
image provided by SlikourOnLife PdotO’s Dear God is an emotional plea against the world and all of its pressures. PdotO uses this song to express

“Nairobi” by BURUKLYN BOYZ

  Mar 1, 2023   1 Min read
In the BURUKLYN BOYZ’s single “Nairobi” the artists address the adverse impacts of the construction of the Nairobi Expressway and skyscrapers on their community. This

Who is Black Sherif?

  Feb 28, 2023   2 Min read
Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, better known as Black Sherif, is a Ghanaian rapper from the town of Konongo-Zongo, Ghana. While there are many Ghanaian

Daan Corona

  Feb 27, 2023   1 Min read
Daan Corona premiered on April 13, 2020. It is a collaborative song featuring twenty Senegalese artists under the artistic direction of Didier Awadi, himself a


  Feb 19, 2023   1 Min read
Representation is central to the art of hip-hop and rap. In BURUKLYN BOYZ’s 2021 single “Nairobi” they do just that. BURUKLYN BOYZ are a powerful

Kumericans are taking over!

  Feb 16, 2023   1 Min read
O’Kenneth, Reggie and City are among many rappers who are part of the Kumericans movement. Many may ask what does the Kumerican movement consist of?

Tanzania All Stars Pay Tribute to Magufuli

  Feb 16, 2023   2 Min read
Lala Salama Magufuli pays a touching tribute to Former President John Magufuli after his sudden passing. Magufuli’s Death Shocks The Nation  Tanzania’s fifth president, John

MEJJA siku hızı ni kubad

  Feb 16, 2023   1 Min read
Siku hizi ni KuBad performed by MEJJA hailing from Kenya. The song itself released in 2021 dwells heavily in the realm of social issues and

Black Boy Joy

  Feb 16, 2023   1 Min read
by : Maia Nelson Hustle Pays by Liberian artist Almando featuring E.J Kollie was handed out to the world in 2022. The artist writes in

Love and War by Stogie T

  Feb 15, 2023   3 Min read
image provided by Stogie T on Youtube I struggled to look for a South African hip hop song post-2020 that would cover social justice. South

Rosa Ree – We Was Kings

  Feb 15, 2023   1 Min read
When it comes to Tanzanian rap, Rosa Ree will always be famous. She is one of the only female Tanzanian hip-hop artists to reach mainstream

Dip Doundou Guiss “CALIFAT”

  Feb 15, 2023   1 Min read
Dip Doundou Guiss’s music video “CALIFAT” goes so hard! I found myself watching his music video several times just in awe of the visual aspects

Tom Mboya – by Octopizzo

  Feb 15, 2023   1 Min read
Octopizzo utilizes his originality and unique dope flow to honor the great Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya. This musical statement uses diction, relevant subject matter, cadence,

Trust the vibes

  Feb 15, 2023   1 Min read
From their first studio album “The Dreamer Project” (2011), Show Dem Camp have gone from underground rap duo to one of the biggest rap acts

M3NSA’s ‘Eyes But No Eyes’

  Feb 14, 2023   1 Min read
Mensa Ansah, known as M3NSA, is a Ghanaian producer, composer, rapper, singer, and filmmaker born in Accra, Ghana. M3NSA comes from quite the artistic family:

#Free Senegal

  Feb 11, 2023   1 Min read
Dip Doundou Guiss is just one of the artists I have come across who released a track addressing the political unrest that erupted in Senegal

The Real MC: Mc Caro

  Feb 7, 2023   1 Min read
Born on August 10, 1996 Caroline Moore, most commonly known as Mc Caro, was labeled as Liberia’s Best Female Rapper of the Year at the 2020 MTN

Love & War by Stogie T

  Feb 5, 2023   1 Min read
The song I will do my second blog post about is “Love & War” by Stogie T featuring Lucille Slade. Reports say this song speaks

Rumba Goes Hip-Hop

  Feb 2, 2023   1 Min read
Congolese soukous and rumba artist, Koffi Olomide crossovers to hip-hop. He began his career alongside famous Congolese singer Papa Wemba and his band Viva La

Somnyama Yena Yedwa: Blxckie

  Feb 2, 2023   1 Min read
Sihle Sithole, also known as Blxckie, is a South African Rapper from Sydenham Heights, Durban. The foundation of his rap career started when he was

Dip Doundou Guiss – Musiba

  Jan 31, 2023   1 Min read
Dominique Preira, better known by his stage name Dip Doundou Guiss, or DIP, is a Senegalese hip-hop artist born in Dakar, Senegal. Many of DIP’s

Queer Women in African Hip Hop

  May 3, 2022   0 Min read
what is it like to be a queer in African hip hop? Join the conversation about queer African history and rising artists K.Keed, Angel Ho,

Final Exam Mixtape: African Women in HipHop

  Apr 26, 2022   3 Min read
Image by KAMERJAMZ ENT, Introduction: African Women across the diaspora continue to influence the Hip Hop industry depsiste experienceing prejudice. African women hip hop artists

African Diaspora

  Apr 26, 2022   1 Min read
David Orobosa Omoregie is a London-based artist and rapper. Though British, Dave comes from a Nigerian family that immigrated to the UK in the early

Senegal: Gender and Sexuality

  Apr 26, 2022   1 Min read
Coumba Gawlo is a female Senegalese musician most notable for her upbeat sounds and cinematic music videos. Gawlo’s most recent piece ‘Borom Ndam’ has garnered

Intersectional Feminist Hip Hop

  Apr 25, 2022   3 Min read
Ava Holtzman Introduction : Mixtape : https://music.apple.com/library/playlist/p.JL688aEibDbzAPr Female Hip Hop artists in Africa and around the world fight an uphill battle against the patriarchy to

The Howard Hooligan Podcast

  Apr 23, 2022   0 Min read
Hosts, Ty and Bri, along with their special guests go over stereotypes and the challenges that women face in the Hip Hop industry while reviewing


  Apr 21, 2022   5 Min read
AFRICANS PAINT A PICTURE OF GENDER, SEXUALITY, AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO CONSENT Across the diaspora, the topic of homosexuality remains nothing short of taboo. Conversations

Mixtape: Social Justice Within Africa

  Apr 21, 2022   4 Min read
Introduction Africa is no stranger to protesting wrongdoings in their society. For decades countries have been protesting corruption, health issues, wealth distribution, racism, and police

The Sounds of Tanzania

  Apr 21, 2022   4 Min read
-A brief article about the many sounds that are produced in Hip Hop. Hip Hop isn’t just a genre of music, it’s a genre that

Final Project: Mixtape

  Apr 21, 2022   5 Min read
Social and Political issues/change For my mixtape, the following themes were selected: Social and Political change. Social and political issues continue to plague many parts

Women’s Impact in Hip Hop

  Apr 20, 2022   0 Min read
In our podcast you will hear us converse about women in Hip Hop, their struggle for acceptance and recognition, as well as their immense contribution

Final Project Mixtape

  Apr 20, 2022   5 Min read
Across the world, the hip-hop community is very male-dominated and now in the current years more female artists are breaking the barrier by becoming as

Final Project Mixtape

  Apr 20, 2022   3 Min read
Calvin Smith Identity and culture:   Identity and cultural appropriation were my selected themes for this mixtape, as I thought they were one of the

Reintroducing: Tobe from the Swat

  Apr 8, 2022   1 Min read
Rapper Tobechuckwu Dubem Nwigwe is from the SWAT: South West Alief, Texas. Make no mistake though, Nwigwe is also thoroughly Nigerian and you can hear

Jub Jub

  Mar 31, 2022   1 Min read
Molemo Maarohanye or more professionally known as Jub Jub was born on June 29th, 1980, and is a South African artist born and raised in


  Mar 31, 2022   1 Min read
Legendary artist Bas is the product of Sudanese immigrant parents making the rapper Sudanese American. He is most well-known for his affiliation with the Dreamville

Wande – “Naija Bit”

  Mar 31, 2022   1 Min read
Mutiat Yewande Isola is a Nigerian-born female hip-hop artist, who goes more commonly by the name Wande. She was born in Nigeria in 1996 making

Nipsey Hussle’s Eritrean Roots

  Mar 31, 2022   2 Min read
Nipsey Hustle was born Airmeiess “Ermias” Joseph Asghedom in the Crenshaw district of South Los Angeles, California on August 15th, 1985. His mother Angelique Smith,

Falz and the Diaspora of Nigeria

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Folarin Falana, formerly known as Falz(or Falz the Bahd Guy), is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born on October 7,1991. He wasn’t


  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Victor Kwesi Mensah was born on June 6, 1993, and is known as Vic Mensa by fans and followers. He is a Ghanian-American rapper, singer,

Nas, A Living Legend

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Nas is a more than well-known rapper that has inspired multiple people and hip-hop artists alike. Real name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, he grew

Beauty and Soul- Ray Blk

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
In an upbeat and fun song about getting over an ex, Ray Blk pays homage to the diaspora. Rita Ekwere, stage name Ray Blk, was

Abigail Asante

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Abigail Burland, professionally known as Abigail Asante is a Ghanaian rapper based in the United Kingdom. Abigail was originally a dancer and would post her

“I Want” -Enny

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
By: Diego Austin In her 2021 song  “I Want,” Enny exhibits both her British and Nigerian identities. Enny is a British-born rapper and the daughter


  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Jidenna Theodore Mobisson is an American rapper and singer and has Nigerian roots because of his father. His father was a Nigerian lecturer who is

Maxo Kream Meets Tiny Desk

  Mar 30, 2022   1 Min read
Maxo Kream has had a history of representing his Nigerian roots. Throughout his music career, he powerfully tells the story of his life growing up


  Mar 23, 2022   1 Min read
Sudanese-American rapper Abbas Hamad, better known as Bas, was born in Paris to Sudanese parents and went on to grow up in Queens, New York.


  Mar 18, 2022   1 Min read
Real name Daniel Lubwama Kigozi, stage name, Navio was born on October 18th, 1983 in Kampala, Uganda. Navio is the son of engineer Daniel Serwano Kigozi

Sasa Klaas- The Queen of Rap

  Mar 3, 2022   1 Min read
For this assignment, I looked into the work of Botswana artist Saroni Motlhagoni, professionally known as Sasa Klaas. She was born in 1993 to a

SHAYBO and “Dobale”

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Shaybo is a Nigerian born rapper raised for the majority of her life in South London. Through her braggadocio style lyricism she has risen to

Queen Monroe

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Fershgenet Melaku, better known as Queen Monroe or Lola Monroe, is a famous Ethiopian hip hop artist raised in Washington DC. Born in Addis Ababa,

Shaybo: “Streets”

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Laura Adegbite, known as Shaybo, is a rapper from Nigeria, was born October 5, 1996, and grew up in London. Her family moved from Nigeria

A Symbol of Queer Peace in Zimbabwe

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
The song Peace by Zimbabwean artist Hanna critiques the repetitive lack of originality that is current mainstream hip-hop. The second verse of her song raps

Angell Mutoni

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Angell Mutoni is a Rwandan female rapper/MC who has always been passionate for music. Born to an artistic family she began pursuing spoken word pieces

Mamay- Niu Raza

  Mar 2, 2022   2 Min read
This week I will be doing my coverage on Mamay by Niu Raza. Her song is a love letter and call of pride to her

Recho Rey

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Mirembe Rachael, professionally known as the singer, songwriter, and fashion model Recho Rey, is one of the top female Ugandan hip-hop music artists out right now. She was born in Kireka (a suburb of Kampala), Uganda,

“Combate Final”-Mefe

  Mar 2, 2022   2 Min read
By: Diego Austin Mefe is a Spanish-speaking rapper from Equatorial Guinea who now resides in Spain, after being exiled for criticizing the government. Equatorial Guinea

Shaybo – “Anger”

  Mar 2, 2022   2 Min read
All “Anger” Ain’t Bad! For all of you who don’t know her, Nigerian-English rapper Laura Adegbite (aka “Shaybo”) is known for her February 25, 2020

Angell Mutoni

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Angell Mutoni is a poet, rapper, and singer-songwriter. Her eclectic music taste allows her the freedom to be musically experimental, and she often chooses to

Rosa Ree: Tanzania’s Finest

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Rosa Ree is one of Africa’s fast-rising women in hip hop. With a few singles to her name and an album that is slated to

The Bad Gyals of UG

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Written by: Nellie Sainvil October 5th, 2020, a music video titled “Bad” and produced by Yung Jey Basalesale was released for all of Uganda to


  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Abyusif is a rising Egyptian artist coming out of the Zamalek region In Cairo who is currently dominating the underground rap scene in Egypt due to

Bomb$hell Grenade

  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
The Zambian artist I will be discussing in today’s entry is Bomb$hell Grenade. Her real name is Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda and she was born on


  Mar 2, 2022   1 Min read
Nomuzi Mabena, professionally known as Moozlie is a rapper and television presenter. Moozlie was born on September 22, 1992 in Benoni Gauteng. However, she was

Public Opinion

  Feb 28, 2022   1 Min read
Freda Baffour Awuah, famously known as Freda Rhymz is a twenty-eight-year-old rapper from Sunyani, Ghana (Brong Ahafo Region). Freda’s career started rising when she made


  Feb 28, 2022   1 Min read
Natasha Beckley, commonly known by her stage name Swadu d Savage is a hip hop superstar from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Swadu is famous for her

~ Imagine Uganda ~ (Recho Rey)

  Feb 25, 2022   1 Min read
Written by: Nellie Sainvil “Imagine Uganda” is a song made by Uganda’s own Recho Rey. Recho is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who grew up

Botswana Hip Hop: Chapter 1

  Feb 21, 2022   1 Min read
The Impact of Zeus Zeus, formally known as Game Goabaone Bantsi, is a hip hop artist and MC from Gaborone, which is the largest city

Ahmed Santa

  Feb 19, 2022   1 Min read
Ahmed Santa is an influential artist coming from the Cairo region of Egypt. Ahmed is already very well established within Egyptian music culture given his

King Nubi

  Feb 19, 2022   2 Min read
Rising African a rap artist “Nubi” or better known as his moniker “King Nubi” is a rising artist out of the southern region of Egypt

Jay Pac & Bushali -UMUGISHA

  Feb 18, 2022   2 Min read
Umami Mu Gakino also known by his stage name Jay Pac is a Rwandan rapper, songwriter, and producer. He was born and raised in the

Diplomat puts Rwanda on the Map

  Feb 18, 2022   1 Min read
The country I have chosen for this semester is Rwanda. Rwanda is a country in East Africa officially named the Republic of Rwanda. It is

Sarkodie to the world

  Feb 18, 2022   1 Min read
Michael Owusu Addo also known as Sarkodie is a Ghanaian hip-hop artist from Tema. His birthday is July 10, 1985, making him 36 years old. His

Wegz- Later

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
At the age of 24 years old, Wegz was established as one of the first premier Egyptian trap artists of his generation. His catalog of

“Shoot The Messenger”

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
In 2020, #ENDSARS started as a protest movement against police brutality, injustice and much more in Nigeria. It is likely you have seen moments of

A1 Zim Rapper Noble Stylz

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
The artist Noble Stylz is a Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist originally (and very proudly) from Masvingo. As an artist, he uses his voice, passion, and

“Shad” the Storyteller

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Poignant storytelling and vulnerability are two of the core building blocks of hip hop. In my opinion, a tasteful incorporation of both factors lay the

BoiBlacc – the wire

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
BoiBlacc is a rapper based in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s constantly working on new music and has unique music videos. ‘The wire’ was released in 2021.

Vector “No Worries” ft. DJ Magnum

  Feb 16, 2022   2 Min read
A Song for All Nations! Olanrewaju Ogunmefun David’s (aka “Vector”) 2020 hit single “No Worries” featuring DJ Magnum,” explains the frustrations, difficult times, and bad

Nikki Mbishi: #999

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Tanzania rapper Nikki Mbishi has a very extensive discography. One of his latest projects #999, which came out in 2021, speaks about the issue of

Kalinga by Diplomat

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Diplomat – Instagram Born on July 11th, 1987 known as Diplomat, his real name is Nuur Fassasi, is a well-respected Rwandan rapper. Since his debut

Rohff- Valeur Inversée

  Feb 16, 2022   2 Min read
Housni M’Kouboi better known by his stage name Rohff is a french rapper born in Antanaviro, Madagascar to parents of Cameroonian descent. Today on February

Dumi Right

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Today’s blog will feature the Zimbabwean rap artist Dumi Right. Dumi Right also known as Dumisani Ndlovu is a Zimbabwean performing artist, MC, writer, and

Hypocrite by Falz ft. Demmie Vee

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Folarin Falana, also known as, Falz is a Nigerian rapper, and songwriter and was born on October 27, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria. His parents are

Sarkodie Brown Paper Bag

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
The Ghanaian hip hop artist, Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo, more popularly known for his stage name Sarkodie was born in Koforidua, Ghana the summer of

Nasty C

  Feb 16, 2022   1 Min read
Nasty C also known as, Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, is a popular South African rapper, songwriter, and producer. He was born on February 11, 1997

Socially Conscious Rap in Senegal

  Feb 15, 2022   1 Min read
Climate change has been an ongoing topic that constantly circulates in the news. Today, CNN reported that U.S. sea levels will rise rapidly in the

Deeno Jay

  Feb 14, 2022   1 Min read
Deeno Jay is a singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Jay’s music transcends the boundaries of any one genre

The Bussi Chronicles

  Feb 3, 2022   1 Min read
Feffe Bussi is an established and popular Ugandan hip hop artist who has won awards for being the best Hip Hop Artist in Uganda for

The Uprising of Recho Rey

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
By: Nellie Sainvil Recho Rey is an up and coming Multifaceted Hip Hop artist from Uganda. Recho was born Mirembe Recheal in Kireka, Uganda. She

The “Goddess” of Tanzania- Rosa Ree

  Feb 2, 2022   2 Min read
Told as a conversation between herself and Satan, 26-year-old Tanzanian rapper, Rosa Ree’s 2021 single “SATAN,” talks about the rapper’s battle with drugs, sex, relationships,

No Cap- Ish Kevin

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Although there is not much personal information on this particular rapper he is blowing up and expected to be one of the hottest new artists

“Stacks” by Phyno

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Phyno (@phynofino) is a very popular Nigerian artist who has been in the industry since 2003. Not only is he a high-profile rapper, he is

Rosa Ree: Girls Wanna Have Fun

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
 Rosary Robert Iwole also known as “Rosa Ree”  is a female rapper, born in Moshi, Tanzania. She was raised in Arusha and spent a bit

An Underrated Queen

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
A review of “African Fever” by Muthoni Drummer Queen Muthoni Drummer Queen is a Kenyan hip hop artist. Muthoni Drummer Queen has a multitude of

Blog Post 1

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Hello! My country is Tanzania and one of the artists I’d like to share today is the talented “Juma Nature”. Also known as “Sir Nature”,

Asaph, a voice for youth in Bulawayo

  Feb 2, 2022   2 Min read
Asaph was born Tafadzwa Tarukwana on January 11th, 1992 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.  Asaph has grown to become an internationally recognized Hip Hop artist most famous

Cassper Nyovest

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Cassper Nyovest, Refiloe Maele Phoolo, is a South African songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, and record producer. He was born and raised in Mahikeng, North West. He’s

Eva Alordiah – “Friend or Foe”

  Feb 2, 2022   2 Min read
Eva asks, “Are you a Friend, are you a Foe?” Real questions that can be asked in today’s society! Nigerian singer Elohor Eva Alordiah’s (aka “Eva Alordiah”

Basy Gasy

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
In Madagascar, the sound of Malagasy is the heartbeat of music for the people of this island. From roughly early 2000, many natives of the


  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Shayon Brown, more commonly known by her stage name of Shaybo, is a Nigerian rapper, trendsetter, and occasional activist born in Nigeria. Though she moved


  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Michael Owusu Addo, also known as Sarkodie is a thirty-six-year-old rapper from Tema, Ghana. Sarkodie has been in the music industry for over fifteen years

Kao Denero the “King of Freetown”

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Sierra Leonean hip-hop superstar Kao Denero otherwise known as the “King of Freetown” truly embodied his name in his 2020 hit song African King. Throughout

Eedris Abdulkareem

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenifuja is popularly known as Eedris Abdulkareem. He is a Nigerian hip hop artist and record producer. His father was from Osun

Denise Chaila

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Zambia’s rapper, singer, and poet Denise Chaila is a 27-year-old woman who is Irish and Zambian from Chikankata, Zambia. At the age of three, she

Dip Doundou Guiss, #FreeSenegal

  Feb 2, 2022   1 Min read
Senegalese Rapper Dip Doundou Guiss shook the country of Senegal with his song #FreeSenegal. The rapper spoke about pertinent issues surrounding the Senegalese government at


  Feb 1, 2022   1 Min read
Mulaza Kaira, known as Macky 2, was born on October 10, 1984 in Luanshya, Zambia. Macky is an award-winning Zambian musician, singer, songwriter, and producer.

Healing Anthems

  Jan 27, 2022   2 Min read
Happy New Year to all! As we move through January, most of us are feeling this Venus retrograde mixed with this Mercury retrograde. Pardon my

Mex Cortez’s Monsoon Winds

  Dec 14, 2021   2 Min read
Monsoon Winds, the debut album of Mex Cortez, will easily become heavy rotated through your playlists, as it has in mine! To begin, a monsoon

Queen of the South Reigns On

  Nov 26, 2021   2 Min read
Queen of the South. When I first came across this album, I was so excited. After the success of Dobale, the diaspora was excited to

Little Simz: The Musical

  Nov 10, 2021   2 Min read
OK GUYS. A cinematic masterpiece. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz is a cinematic masterpiece. You know those tiktoks that give you daily

Bring Out the Henny For ENNY

  Oct 29, 2021   2 Min read
Chronicles of an average college student. I had a kickback at my apartment with my roommate and a few of our friends. I took this

Reviews by A&K

  Apr 29, 2021   0 Min read
In this episode of reviews by A&K — brought to you by Kate & Iriana — we’ll be breaking down our opinions of Ghanaian artist


  Apr 29, 2021   0 Min read
Hosted by: Hana, Isata, Linette In this episode of Hip Hop Engaged we will be discussing political and social awareness in Africa. We highlight how


  Apr 28, 2021   5 Min read
Nigerian and world-renowned writer, speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke to the necessity of empowering females and feminism…  “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make

celebrate the female braggadocio

  Apr 28, 2021   8 Min read
From the outsider’s gaze, hip hop is at times seen as monolithic and is trivialized by the outsider’s perspective – labelled as materialistic, unnecessary, and

keep hip hop queer

  Apr 28, 2021   3 Min read
For my mixtape project, I chose “Keeping Queerness Visible from Artists of South Africa.” As the world becomes more and more accepting of the LGBTQ+

Love’s many representations

  Apr 28, 2021   4 Min read
This mixtape collection is going to talk all about love. Hip Hop approaches love in very different ways but nonetheless it comes across in powerful

Breaking Societal Norms with the Beauties of Africa

  Apr 28, 2021   4 Min read
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIWKhlJkANWnAmsSMzPKUOZX4yRK2cOHW The Playlist highlights a plethora of hip hop styles from the women of Africa. All the artists help break a prevalent and ubiquitous norm


  Apr 28, 2021   5 Min read
The Kenyan hip-hop industry continues to evolve with the many social trends that arise. The appreciation of Black Excellence has recently taken the Black community

Namibia’s Finest Ladies of HIP-HOP Mixtape

  Apr 28, 2021   5 Min read
Namibia is a country with many talented emcees, especially women. The mixtape, “Namibia’s Finest Ladies of Hip-Hop” features Ghetto Ballerina, Bella Harris, Lioness, RÖMI, and

FLy WOmen of Zimbabwe mixtape

  Apr 25, 2021   4 Min read
The songs below are just a small number of the female rappers who have contributed to Zimbabwe hip-hop over the past decade. All of these

Let’s Topple the Patriarchy

  Apr 23, 2021   4 Min read
The patriarchy has ingrained itself in all facets of society throughout cultures all over the world. Women from all backgrounds have been subject to overt

South African Women – mixtape

  Apr 22, 2021   4 Min read
Mixtape Boity – Own your Throne – South Africa Nadia Nakai – Amai – South Africa Gigi LaMayne – Fees Will Fall South African Female


  Apr 20, 2021   1 Min read
DUMI RIGHT, also known as Dumisani Ndlovu, is one half of the golden-age hip hop rap group Zimbabwe Legit. Zimbabwe Legit is known as the


  Apr 13, 2021   1 Min read
Flohio is a rapper from South East London with familial roots in Lagos, Nigeria. With her totally unconventional sound, Flohio uses witty lines and supernatural

Little simz- venom

  Apr 8, 2021   1 Min read
27 year old London based Nigerian rapper Little Simz has been making a name for herself in the hip hop world during the last decade

Bas: Bass, bars, and bail

  Apr 8, 2021   1 Min read
Bas is next up. Simple as that. Born to Sudanese parents in France and raised in the States, Bas already has the background of a


  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
CHIKA is a name to remember in the rap game, she is a true talent and genuinely charismatic and funny, and relatable to her fans.

Stormzy and his Crown

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
In 1993, Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr was born in London, England to a Ghanian mother. Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr eventually grew

CHika – “Balencies”

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Jane Chika Oranika, better known as her stage name Chika, is a 23 year old upcoming female MC from Montgomery, Alabama born to Nigerian immigrants. 

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin

  Apr 7, 2021   2 Min read
Olubowale Victor Akintimehin better known as Wale is an American rapper. He was born on September 21st, 1984 in Northwest, Washington, D.C.. Both of his

Ear to the streets

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Gambian and Ghanaian UK rapper, J Hus ,has his ear to the streets with his song “must be“. Just by listening to the first verse


  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
J Hus is a young hip-hop artist, only being 22 years old, currently based in the United Kingdom. His rise to fame was in 2016

Jidenna: Bringing nigeria to the u.s.a

  Apr 7, 2021   4 Min read
Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, better known as Jidenna, is a Nigerian-American rapper, singer, and producer. Jidenna’s father is Igbo from Nigeria. Although born in Wisconsin Rapids,

Vossi Bop Ft. Stormzy

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
The song Vossi Bop by Stormzy and artistic state to and representation office urban culture is for Black people in the U.K. The song gained


  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
By: Malaysia Robinson The UK needs to keep an eye out for this African talent! Born in Congo, rapper Omo Frenchie has became well known

Nata, US/Sierra Leone

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Nata, known as Rap’s Sweetheart, is a new up-and-coming artist of the African diaspora. She was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in


  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
By: Jude Kouassi Abbas Hamad more commonly known as Bas, is a Sudanese rapper that is based in Queens, New York. He was born of

Bree Runway, Your New Fave

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Bree Runway, born Brenda Wireko Mensah, is a 28 year old musician skilled in both singing and rapping. Originally hailing from Ghana, the artist grew

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Wale’s 2019 album titled “Wow…That’s Crazy” is a perfect representation of how he lives in-between his Nigerian and American identities. The first song, “Sue Me”,

aminÉ: The king of duality

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Adam Aminé Daniel, known as Aminé, is a first-generation American rapper that was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He is the son of Ethiopian

Afro b- Condo

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
African native musicians have been and are currently taking the world by storm with their personal renditions of keeping the African culture alive and well

Roots that made me- Amine

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Amine is a Ethiopian/Ertriean-American Grammy and BET hip hop awards nominated rapper and songwriter. His career skyrocketed when he released “Caroline” in 2016 it was

Dope KNife–Extra Dope

  Apr 7, 2021   2 Min read
Born in 1984 in Liberia, Dope Knife, Kedrick Mack, was born to his Diplomat father and his Liberian mother. He spent his youth traveling, having

Maxo Kream’s 8 Figures

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Maxo Kream, born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., is known for his personal bars and relentless flow. He attacks beats with energy and intensity. Maxo Kream,

CHika – Fairytales

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Instagram: @chikalogy Twitter: @oranicuhh Jane Chika Oranika, also known as Chika, is a twenty-four-year-old American rapper, model, and songwriter. She was born and raised in

How well do we know Ms Banks?

  Apr 7, 2021   2 Min read
Representing Southeast London, Thyra (pronounced “Tyra”) Oji (Ms Banks) is a Nigerian and Ugandan rapper elevating the United Kingdom’s hip hop scene. Banks began her

Rwanda to France

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
For the blog post, I was told to find an African artist based outside of Africa. For Rwandan artists, the artist pool was huge. There

Little Simz – 101FM

  Apr 7, 2021   1 Min read
Simbiatu ‘Simbi’ Abisola Abiola Ajikawo, otherwise known by her stage name Little Simz, is a British rapper, singer, and actress. The 27 year old rapper

Out with the old, in with the New

  Apr 6, 2021   1 Min read
The artist Stormzy originally named Michael Omari was born in London but his parents are originally from Ghana. His song Rainfall speaks to those who

Stomrzy “Superheroes”

  Apr 4, 2021   1 Min read
Stormzy is a Ghanain rapper based in the United Kingdom. Stormzy’s Superheroes was released on September 9, 2020 shortly after the Black Lives Matter protests

“Johnny” FALZ

  Apr 3, 2021   1 Min read
Falz is a Nigerian rapper, actor, and director known for his versatility and distinct wordplay in his rhymes. He is also known as the son

Wake up justice

  Apr 2, 2021   1 Min read
Up and coming Ugandan rapper Rachael M speaks to equity and equality for young girls within Uganda. Rachael is a dancehall and reggae artist originally

Kikky Badass the “Party Queen”

  Mar 30, 2021   2 Min read
Kikky Badass is making waves in the Zimbabwean rap scene with her new album “Bloodline.” This album is a collection of beats for you to

Ivorian Doll

  Mar 29, 2021   1 Min read
By: Jude Kouassi Ivorian Doll, also known as Vanessa Mahi is an up and coming German-born English rapper with Ivorian heritage. She has taken the


  Mar 25, 2021   1 Min read
Her name is Ghetto Ballerina and if that does not tell you everything you need to know about this multi-faceted virtuosa from Namibia then I

Let loose, let live

  Mar 25, 2021   2 Min read
Angell Mutoni sets herself apart, no doubt. From the extra “L” in her stage name, Angell, to the fusion of hip hop and Afrobeats in

MC CAro – “Pull UP”

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Liberian artist MC Caro started her rap journey in the underground scene of Liberia.  As a Monrovia native, Caro masterfully fits into Liberia’s native style

Elohor Eva Alordiah

  Mar 24, 2021   2 Min read
Elohor Eva Alordiah aka Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian rapper from Delta State, Nigeria. Eva’s mother introduced her to music at a young age. Eva’s

The Queen of Hip Hop

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Lady Slyke has commonly been recognized as “Uganda’s Queen of Hip Hop.” The Uganda native born Sharon Bwogi, began rapping at the age of 13

Ask the birds in cairo

  Mar 24, 2021   2 Min read
Felukah is a major hip-hop artist hailing from Egypt.  She was born Sara El Messiry right outside of Cairo, which is considered almost a Middle

a hit for the summer

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
As the weather gets hotter and summer time approaches the music that artists put out begin to emulates the coming season. It talks about fun

J Flow Repping Women in the Lib

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Josephine A. Wisseh, more popularly known as J Flow, is a Liberian hip hop and hipco artist. She first got her start dancing on the

“Girl Power” by Mina la voilée

  Mar 24, 2021   2 Min read
“Girl Power”, by Mina la Voilée, preaches tough feminism, women’s empowerment, and just an overall sense of badass rhymes and flow in a short but

Back Back- Lola Monroe

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Lola Monroe is a rapper, model, actress, entrepreneur, and mother from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lola describes herself as a “boss lady, health advocate, and self-love

TaSha For Indepedence

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
This music video I chose was from an artist named Natasha Beckley from Sierra Leone. This song was a freestyle made by her and she

Hottest Homegirl on the Block

  Mar 24, 2021   2 Min read
Ghetto Ballerina’s video for “Homegirl” opens up with her and her homegirls fiercely using a car as a prop while some are sitting in it,

sampa the great: omg

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Sampa The Great‘s “OMG” is a celebration of women and womanhood. Throughout the song, Sampa The Great uses lyrics that amplify the strength, beauty, and

“FRIEND OR FOE” Eva Alordiah

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian female rapper known for her many talents and fierce attitude in all of her music. She’s a rapper, a fashion

A Namibian Lioness

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Namibian rapper Lioness recently dropped her new single “Superstar” earlier this month. Lioness exhibits through her song what it means to be a female self

The Discovery of Kikky Badass

  Mar 24, 2021   1 Min read
Kikky Badass, is the name of a powerful female rapper from Harare, Zimbabwe. Upon watching her music video for the song “Party Queen” which debuted

Stickin 2 u

  Mar 23, 2021   1 Min read
For each assignment we have been given, I have tried to make it a habit to focus my blog post on the women rappers of

Boity – “Own Your Throne”

  Mar 23, 2021   1 Min read
Follow on Instagram/Twitter: @boity Boity Thulo is a 30-year-old rapper, actress, and television personality. She was born in Potchefstroom, South Africa, and is greatly known

Mex Cortez Ft Neash- Let it burn

  Mar 23, 2021   1 Min read
The song Let it Burn by Mex Cortez featuring Neash is a transparent message from an agitated and opinionated young Tanzanian rapper. Mex Cortez uses

Moozlie: The Young Queen

  Mar 23, 2021   2 Min read
Moozlie (Nomuzi Mabena) is a 28-year-old rapper and television presenter born in Gauteng, South Africa. As a young woman, Moozlie modeled for many impressive fashion

Pro Poor Agenda – Bucky Raw

  Mar 2, 2021   1 Min read
This song is called Pro Poor Agenda by Bucky Raw. This song elaborates upon all the injustices and grievances within Liberia. It delves into the

drill in rwanda

  Feb 25, 2021   1 Min read
B-Threy’s Nicyo Gituma was released back in July of 2020 features a relatively new genre of hip hop in Rwanda known as Kinyatrap. Pioneered by

Marwen? Pablo?

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Marwan Pablo was born Marwan Ahmed Metaweh on November 22, 1996 in his hometown of Alexandria, Egypt. Twenty-four years later, he is one the country’s biggest

Skababawara – Don’t Worry About it

  Feb 24, 2021   3 Min read
GOVERNMENT HAS ALWAYS MADE BOTSWANA FEEL LIKE THEY ARE NOTHING Atlasaone “ATI” Molemogi On 18 June 2020, ATI released his final album, Skababawara, featuring fellow

Happy Day: Sarkodie

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
I chose Ghanian artist, Sarkodie, and his song, Happy Day, featuring Kuami Eugene. The song and video were released last November. Sarkodie is one of

Remember to stay “Humlidadi”

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
For this blog post, I will be discussing Apollo G’s Humildadi. Humildadi features 3 other upcoming hip-hop artists; (Ze Bula, Ferry, and D Raw Na

EDEM – Favour (feat. Efya & Sarkodie)

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
The song  Favour by EDEM featuring Efya and Sakordie is a tremendous musical message that highlights some essential ideals of Black Positivity. The opening scenes’

Revoluxon Rocky: More Than a Name

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Revoluxon Rocky is a Liberian rapper who primarily makes TrapCo music, a genre that is considered a subset of HipCo and seems to have been

Imagine Uganda

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Recho Rey born Rachael Mirembe , is an Ugandan Emcee. She began making music at the age of 19. Rey typically makes light hearted, fun,

The youth of Namibia have spoken

  Feb 24, 2021   2 Min read
With a track title like “National Address,” it seems like Namibia’s trio, LSD, has something serious to discuss. The opening scene of this video displays

In a ‘ByO state of Mind’

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Rising Zimbabwean rapper, ASAPH, is making waves throughout his community, truly establishing that he is a force to be reckoned with. A native to Bulawayo,

Kwame Write

  Feb 24, 2021   2 Min read
By: Jude Kouassi Kwame Aidoo, also known as Kwame Write is a Ivorian-Ghanian multimodal artist, who specializes in video artistry, music, writing, installations and poetry.

Johnny the “Bahd” Guy

  Feb 24, 2021   3 Min read
Falz aka Falz the Bahd Guy is a Nigerian rapper from Lagos State, Nigeria. Even before becoming a rapper, Falz has always been surrounded by

Kenny K-Shot: Sound Familiar?

  Feb 24, 2021   4 Min read
In my search for new music in the Rwandan scene, I came across Kenny Rulisa, a.k.a Kenny K-Shot, a rapper born and raised in Kigali.

African Warrior By Da Akbar

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Ugandan rapper Judas Rapknowledge Da Akbar makes an overt political and musical statement with his song “African Warrior”. The song, and his overall discography heavily

Jericho – “As Men We Can”

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Namibian artist Jericho released “As Men We Can” in his album The Recovery in December 2020. In the song, Jericho makes a call to his

Asipheli Moya, a resilient zimbabwe

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
The song “Asipheli Moya” by ASAPH, featuring Msiz’kay won the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 award for best Best Collaboration. The chorus of this song

The Roles Reversed!

  Feb 24, 2021   2 Min read
It’s no secret that Sierra Leone hip hop is predominantly run by men. There is a common stigma in many African societies that women must

GodFather of ugandan hip hop

  Feb 24, 2021   1 Min read
Daniel Kigozi Jr, the artist better known as Navio is widely regarded as one of the most prolific East-African Artists of all time. He is

What is your Mode?

  Feb 23, 2021   2 Min read
As soon as I played Namibia Kevo Maro’s song “Beast Mode” I was intrigued by the beat as it seems to take listeners to another

Nyota Parker: transcending Nonconformity

  Feb 21, 2021   2 Min read
Released in March 2020, Transcend is Nyota Parker’s new single battling conformity in South African society. 20-year-old South African hip hop artist, Nyota Parker frequently

Young Lunya’s rise

  Feb 19, 2021   1 Min read
This week on our Hip Hop artist list is Young Lunya from Tanzania. Featured on many other artists’ songs such as, Rapcha and Country Wizzy,

Special podcast series announcement

  Feb 17, 2021   0 Min read
We’re partnering with Words Beats & Life to host a special series of episodes that will be recorded live with African Studies students at Howard

Dear hiphop,

  Feb 11, 2021   1 Min read
Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba, Ugandan legend best known as GNL Zamba skillfully tells the story of his jorney in “Dear Hip Hop”. Zamba fluidly

ASAP Black: The Future

  Feb 11, 2021   2 Min read
-William Ross III Simply put as the title suggests, with a little work, ASAP Black is the future of Namibian Hip Hop. Born May 24th,

Scientific- “2020 Touch Down”

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Samuel Sonnyboy Tubman, better known as his stage name Scientific, is a Ghanaian based, Liberian rapper and songwriter.  Scientific was born in Bong County, Liberia

Oumou Sangere: Heart and Soul of Mali

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
African music, often placed into specific categories like, Afro beats, Afro jazz, etc, has mergedits presence into the everyday lifestyle of the average music listener.

Wegs the next big thing

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Wegz, who was born Ahmed Ali, is a rapper from Egypt. He is from the El Wardian neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt. He began working on


  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
By: Jude Kouassi Timmy is an Egyptian rapper who unlike his native counterparts, chooses to rap in English and not the usual Arabic. In Egypt,

Welcome Back Soul Fresh

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
The Liberian hip hop/hipco duo Soul Fresh first started back in 2006. Since then, the group consisting of JB and Shining Man has seen a

Owezzy–Up and coming

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Owezzy, an American based Liberian artist, real name Omar Bility, was born February 23rd, 2002, making him a young and up and coming rapper. Owezzy

Leading by example

  Feb 10, 2021   2 Min read
Hip Hop artist have emerged from each country in Africa. All of these artists thrive for stardom and success. With each artist also comes the

Ejatu Deen, “Queen amina”

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Ejatu Deen is a Sierra Leonean hip hop artist based in the United States. She is most commonly referred to as QUEEN DEEN or “Rapper

“Bakae” Boity’s next big hit

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
South Africa’s Boity Thulo’s Bakae from her EP “4436” is the song that many can get behind due to its familiar nature. Boity’s Bakae is a

M.I Abaga (Mr. incredible)

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
M.I Abaga was born on October 4th, 1981 as Jude Abaga in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. The M.I in his name stands for Mr. Incredible.

Jay Arc’s Ninkukunda

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Jay arc’s “Ninkukunda” is led by its smoothness. The track is very laid back (as is a lot of Jay Arc’s music) and he rides

History of zambian hip hop

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Rap is Zambia had be used sporadically over time because of its roots in African society. It wasn’t until hip hop began in the late

Namibian Rapper – Phatboy Lutor

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Namibia has a variety of lyrically gifted artists, but the rapper that has stood out the most in 2020 was up-and-coming male rapper, Phatboy Lutor.

Zimbabwe’s young enigma

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Upon looking for some of Zimbabwe’s newest contributors to the genre of hip hop, I stumbled upon Tasha, a young female rapper. Donning a blonde

“Kuru”- Skat Nati

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Skat Nati is an Ethiopian artist whose popularity grew when he released “Sira” in 2018. His genre of hip hop has grown over the years

Brand New Day – Emtee

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
IG/Twitter: @emteerecords Emtee, a hip hop artist in South Africa, recently came out with a song titled “Brand New Day.” Ever since a very young

dancehall Chief, Faze Ya Alimamy

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
Born Fatmama B. Kamara, Faze Ya Alimamy is a Sierra Leone-born female artist who uses her platform to spread positive messages & vibrant sounds that

Monski: Kenya’s Need to Know Rapper

  Feb 10, 2021   1 Min read
It’s no secret that the “femcees” of Kenyan hip hop have been dominating the industry and redefining gender roles with performances over the past decade

Because Who SaId SO?

  Feb 10, 2021   2 Min read
I know you are probably getting flashbacks of your mom saying “because I said so” from the title. But, currently, it is because Namibia’s underground

“Club Banger” –Curated by Carlprit

  Feb 9, 2021   1 Min read
Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Carlprit keeps the club spirit alive, amidst a pandemic, with his 2020 release of “Club Banger.” Whether it’s a special occasion, you’re

Sarkodie, “The Masses”, 2015

  Feb 9, 2021   1 Min read
Sarkodie’s lyrical hymn, “The Masses” captures the need for Ghanaians to empower themselves through a revolution and find unity in the face of corrupt leadership.

Miss Girl, Just let Loose

  Feb 8, 2021   1 Min read
My assignment for today was to find a “hip hop” video and write a blog post about it. The assignment gave me a lot of

Tanzania’s Hip Hop rep

  Feb 8, 2021   1 Min read
Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most widely known Hip Hop rappers hit the scene again last year in the middle of our global pandemic with

New Single from Minista Of Agrikulcha

  Nov 1, 2020   1 Min read
(NEW YORK – October 2020) – M.O.A’s heartfelt single, “Class in Session” provides hope and motivation in this time of uncertainty. This head nodder, which


  Jun 26, 2020   1 Min read
‪We’re looking forward to the coming EP release #MOODSWINGS by Ghanaian artist Edem, who always brings his own unique style. Along with some dynamic collaborations,

A Global Africa

  May 2, 2020   2 Min read
I thought that trying to capture the global reach of African music would be relatively easy. I was expecting a quick Google search to yield

My Beautiful Twisted Reality

  Apr 26, 2020   4 Min read
Although I originally intended for this mixtape to have a positive and uplifting general tone and theme, the current climate of the world along with

Afro trap

  Apr 22, 2020   3 Min read
Trap music was established in the early 2000s in Atlanta. The vision for trap music at the time was to be a platform for young

Social Political Rap in Nigeria

  Apr 22, 2020   3 Min read
‘Jaga Jaga’, which was released in 2004, tackles the various socio-political problems in Nigeria like social inequalities, and bad government and expresses it as a

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