Reviews by A&K

In this episode of reviews by A&K — brought to you by Kate & Iriana — we’ll be breaking down our opinions of Ghanaian artist


‪We’re looking forward to the coming EP release #MOODSWINGS by Ghanaian artist Edem, who always brings his own unique style. Along with some dynamic collaborations, Edem takes us on a multilingual, multi-genre, audio-visual journey into his creative vision.

An Introduction to the Feminine Energy in Africa’s Hip Hop Scene

Women across the African diaspora are reclaiming themselves through their work in hip hop music. The rappers are choosing to express themselves openly and freely.

Afro trap

Trap music was established in the early 2000s in Atlanta. The vision for trap music at the time was to be a platform for young

Social Political Rap in Nigeria

‘Jaga Jaga’, which was released in 2004, tackles the various socio-political problems in Nigeria like social inequalities, and bad government and expresses it as a

Hip Hop and Chill with Ife, Fatima and Itohan

This is an episode of Hip Hop & Chill with Ife, Fatima and Itohan. In this episode, we discuss Falz The Bad Guy’s latest album, Moral Instruction (2019). We will discussing three songs from the album, and giving our opinion on this wonderful album.

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