Special podcast series announcement

We’re partnering with Words Beats & Life to host a special series of episodes that will be recorded live with African Studies students at Howard

Omzo Dollar’s “La Signada”

Omzo Dollar first entered the rap scene in 2006 when a friend challenged him to a battle at school. Under the gaze of his comrades

Hip Hop, African Diaspora and Decolonial Futures

This is a program for US based students: Hip Hop, African Diaspora and Decolonial Futures program (https://studyabroad.sit.edu/programs/semester/spring-2020/sgd/). The Hip Hop program is the only study

Battle Of The Year Nigeria 2019

You don’t wanna miss this!
Brace yourself for yet another Hip Hop Dance Battle action as Battle Of The Year Nigeria 2019 Brings Da Ruckus

Come watch the best B-boy Crews from across the country as they compete for the spot of the number One B-boy Crew in Nigeria.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival

The Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival and Conference is seeking submissions for performers and presenters for their 15th annual event to be held at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, on March 26-29, 2020. This year’s theme is “15 Years of Hip Hop: Past, Present and Future”. This year, the festival is honoring the roots of hip hop as a vehicle of empowerment and resistance for marginalized voices while celebrating how hip hop has also dynamically changed as a movement through time. Looking back in order to step forward, this 15th year’s focus is to honor the foundations of hip hop as well as to celebrate the artists that keep hip hop alive. We invite all artists from around the world to celebrate the roots, seeds, and branches of hip hop as we honor how it has existed, developed, mobilized, and sparked change throughout the decades.

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