Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

The Trinity International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College in Hartford, CT is the 6th to the 8th of April. The festival celebrates all FIVE of the hip hop elements, and brings together artists & hip hop heads from all over the world.  See their event info on their Facebook page:

Switching The Game Up….Trae Yung

Trae Yung is a female rapper/mc who hails from Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. This Female MC is not one to be reckon with. Her rap  is about everything,life issues such as the problems people face everyday. She doesn’t just rap about life problems but about love,street life,just life in general. Continue reading “Switching The Game Up….Trae Yung”

Keko in “I am Ugandan,” sheds a light on her intersectional identities

Keko is an artist that is that is not afraid to get real with her sexuality and nationality. She is known in Uganda for going against the hyper sexualized image cultivated by many American female rappers like Nicki Minaj etc. In this music video, she is not wearing tight clothing, but rather sneakers and jeans. Her “tomboy” dressing raises the assumption that she identifies as queer. Keko lives in a country where homosexuality is outlawed, but she does not seem afraid to stand up for herself. By her dress and expression, she sends the message that being gay is not just a “Western” thing. She is one of the few artists that embraces her intersectional identities. She sheds a spotlight on being queer and Ugandan in this music video. Continue reading “Keko in “I am Ugandan,” sheds a light on her intersectional identities”

Dakar’s Female MCs and the Power of the Cyp(her)

In a hip-hop scene as developed and competitive as Senegal’s, the cypher continues to act as a platform by which talented, young rappers make their debut. The fast-paced intensity of a hip-hop cypher is the perfect way for new artists on the scene to prove to their worth to the public. And in a society where women must give it their all to make an impression in the musical community, the cypher allows female MCs to show everyone that they are just as lyrically passionate and complex than their male counterparts— if not more. Continue reading “Dakar’s Female MCs and the Power of the Cyp(her)”

Nadia Rose: Lyricist

Nadia Rose, a creative young rapper from South Africa Ghana, based in England has been changing the music scene with her lyrical talent. Her unique character has been in the game for a few years now, and her style has been matched by few competitors. Rose’s legendary music video, Skwod, has caught the attention of millions on youtube and various other social media platforms. There’s very little negative to say about her skill. She has managed to combine high quality, intellectual lyricism with a dope style and flow. Continue reading “Nadia Rose: Lyricist”

Tanzania’s Hottest

Ever since Rosa Ree hip the hip-hop scene she was a force to be reckoned with. Rosa Ree  was born Rosary Robert, she had a passion for music at a very young age and with the support of her family she was able to focus on music. Rosa ree use her rapping talent to express clear emotions or her experiences throughout her life, and rap is her communication medium to the world. The East African hip hop scene, similar to any other African hip hop scene, often undermines women MCs, who can be considered not strong enough to be in the rap game. It’s good that Rosa Ree’s music is not only proving them wrong in Tanzania, but across Africa. Continue reading “Tanzania’s Hottest”

Where Are All The Female MC’s From South Africa?

Yes I’m aware you can google this question and come up with a handful. But in a sense that is a part of the point I’m making. Where are the female mc’s from South Africa who rap? Not rap/sing. I mean straight rap – bar upon bar. Flows. Punchlines. Metaphors. Wordplay. WHERE THEY AT THOUGH? If you think i’m being extra take moment to google South African rap and see who comes up.

die7.jpgSouth African “rap” duo Die Antwoord dominates the search results….Is this your king? Nah.

Continue reading “Where Are All The Female MC’s From South Africa?”

Today I Learned: African-American & African Trap Is Pretty Much Identical Thanks To Cassper Nyovest’s “Tito Mboweni”.

Now first and foremost it is not my intent for this brief assigment to be perceived as a criticism, condemnation, or any negative synonym associated therewith. It is instead an American rap fan being exposed to the cultural similarities between African-American and African trap music and working out his thoughts on [digital] paper.

Continue reading “Today I Learned: African-American & African Trap Is Pretty Much Identical Thanks To Cassper Nyovest’s “Tito Mboweni”.”

Happy New Year

Top 100 Hip Hop Blogs

img_6541We have been listed among the top 100 hip hop blogs by FeedSpot. Congratulations to everyone who works (or has worked) on this blog. We’re at #86, but we’re moving on up!