Dope KNife–Extra Dope

Born in 1984 in Liberia, Dope Knife, Kedrick Mack, was born to his Diplomat father and his Liberian mother. He spent his youth traveling, having


MC Caro is among Liberia’s upcoming female rappers venturing the music industry. In 2020, MC Caro released her single Don’t Ask Me which is among the different

MC CAro – “Pull UP”

Liberian artist MC Caro started her rap journey in the underground scene of Liberia.  As a Monrovia native, Caro masterfully fits into Liberia’s native style

J Flow Repping Women in the Lib

Josephine A. Wisseh, more popularly known as J Flow, is a Liberian hip hop and hipco artist. She first got her start dancing on the

MC Caro: Still Killing the Game

There are many blog posts about MC Caro on this blog, and for a good reason. She has been and continues to be one of

Pro Poor Agenda – Bucky Raw

This song is called Pro Poor Agenda by Bucky Raw. This song elaborates upon all the injustices and grievances within Liberia. It delves into the

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