Oumou Sangere: Heart and Soul of Mali

African music, often placed into specific categories like, Afro beats, Afro jazz, etc, has mergedits presence into the everyday lifestyle of the average music listener.

Master Soumy Brings Revolutionary Hip-Hop to Mali with “Ca ne vas pas Aller”

As hip-hop culture continues to grow in Mali, new artists are finding ways to emerge into the highly conservative society. Among them is Master Soumy,

Iba Montana Shakes Up Mali

In Mali, there is no rapper who provokes controversy like Iba Montana. As soon as the name is heard in a crowd, you will see

Ami Yèrèwolo Takes Mali

While Mali is not so famous for its rap scene— and even less so for its female rappers— Aminata Danioko is a rare exception. Known

HHAP Episode 28: Politics & Hip Hop from the Children of Sundiata

This episode is a conversation with Malian hip hop artist and activist Amkoullel L’enfant Peulh on hip hop and politics in Mali. Amkoullel has been involved in hip hop culture in Mali for many years, and he’s been vocal about politics inside and outside of the country. Having lived in France and the United States, Amkoullel is back in Mali where he remains involved in the hip hop community. He is also involved in mentoring artists and working in TV and radio production and distribution in Mali.

A strong voice in Malian hip hop, in this conversation we discuss the political nature of Francophone rap in West Africa, specifically in Mali, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. Amkoullel traces how hip hop artists in Mali developed their own lyrical identity, based in large part on their own oral traditions and cultural identities. 

In discussing the past and current political events in Mali, Amkoullel talks about the roles of artists in social change and the importance of artists  representing the voice of the people when they use their platform on the international stage. Amkoullel also discusses the impacts of the media’s misconceptions of Mali within the country, as well as the impact of political events in Mali on Malian hip hop.

We begin the episode with one of Amkoullel’s early songs, “Farafina”, which was released in 2010. 

The next song is “Maliko”, which was recorded by several Malian musicians, including Amkoullel. The song is a call for peace and an end to violence against women.

Amkoullel is on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amkoullel_a.k.a._ez_ba/