Connecting Your Worlds: Intersectionality

I grew up as a military kid. My ma and dad were in the military so even though they were separated, I was always on

Sampa The Great’s Representation of Blackness in “Final Form”

Sampa The Great raps about the process of growth in her 2019 song “Final Form.” The Zambian Australian rapper includes references to ‘Black Power’ and

Sampa the Great: “Time’s Up” – challenging industry norms and racism through self empowerment

Sampa The Great serves as a prominent example of a female African hip hop artist that gained traction and success as a member of the

Afrocentric Aesthetics in Sampa The Great’s Videography

Sampa The Great has been one of the artist that I seem to cannot get enough of. Her style, and delivery and flow is so

Sampa The Great and her Motherland

Sampa The Great is probably one of the most internationally well-known African artists in the world. She is an artist from Zambia but based in

Let’s Talk About Sampa The Great’s Female Energy

Sampa The Great is the epitome of powerful female energy that is taking place in the world of Hip Hop today. The Great was born

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