Afrocentric Aesthetics in Sampa The Great’s Videography

Sampa The Great has been one of the artist that I seem to cannot get enough of. Her style, and delivery and flow is so unique and eccentric it is hard to not become a fan! and want to listen every word she raps. Sampa The Great the type of rapper that makes you want to understand what she is saying and the stories she is telling and that is legendary status. In class today we discussed cultural representation and this blog post will mainly focus how Sampa The Great uses cultural representation of afrocentric aesthetics in her videography. As stated in previous post, Sampa The Great a rapper among the African diaspora that was born in Botswana and raised in Zambia.

Her videography upholds afrocentric aesthetics of African culture such dance, hair, and fashion. She typically goes against the standard cultural representation of images of beauty which goes along with her message and artistry. Sampa The Great embraces her African roots when she flips between the images of traditional African wear and contemporary urban fashion. In the beginning of the video we see four African women in unique Afrocentric hairstyles. Throughout the video we see Sampa rejecting eurocentrism by embracing her culture. With more visual content that embraces African ancestral roots, I firmly believe it play a powerful role in the cultural representation of the African diaspora.

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