Namibia’s Finest Ladies of HIP-HOP Mixtape

Namibia is a country with many talented emcees, especially women. The mixtape, “Namibia’s Finest Ladies of Hip-Hop” features Ghetto Ballerina, Bella Harris, Lioness, RÖMI, and


Her name is Ghetto Ballerina and if that does not tell you everything you need to know about this multi-faceted virtuosa from Namibia then I

Hottest Homegirl on the Block

Ghetto Ballerina’s video for “Homegirl” opens up with her and her homegirls fiercely using a car as a prop while some are sitting in it,

A Namibian Lioness

Namibian rapper Lioness recently dropped her new single “Superstar” earlier this month. Lioness exhibits through her song what it means to be a female self

The youth of Namibia have spoken

With a track title like “National Address,” it seems like Namibia’s trio, LSD, has something serious to discuss. The opening scene of this video displays

“As MEn we can” – Jericho’s plea to stop the violence

In early October of 2020, Namibia was rocked by surges of domestic violence cases against women, multiple of which tragically ended in death. While the

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