HHAP Episode 50: The Mixtape Episode P. 2

This episode is our second mixtape episode. The episode features the most recent works of 23 of Africa’s fiercest lyricists. All of songs featured on this episode were released in 2018 and 2019, and features women from across Africa, and African women who reside in the Diaspora. Some of the artists are fairly well known to followers of African hip hop scenes, while others are more up & coming. Some of the artists, like Burni Aman, EJ von Lyrik, and Jean Grae have been active for two decades. Others are new to the game, and quickly making a name for themselves. They also are diverse in their styles and the languages they rap in. The artists also differ in terms of content, some of the songs offer social commentary, some are displays of braggadicio, and some are simply about having a great time. The common thread is that they all represent some of the best lyricists out today.

It was important that all of the artists and songs in this episode be submitted and voted on by serious hip hop heads, people who are active in hip hop communities. So, thank you to the hip hop heads and experts who contributed to making this mixtape possible:

Track List

  1. Sampa The Great “Final Form” from The Return (2019) (Australia/Zambia)
  2. EJ von Lyrik (with Roufaida) “Ego” (2019) (South Africa & The Netherlands /Morocco)
  3. Burni Aman & Jean Grae “Masters of the Humanverse” (2019) (Switzerland/South Africa & U.S./South Africa)
  4. Little Simz “101 FM” from Grey Area (2018) (UK/Nigeria)
  5. Isatta Sheriff “Beat Therapy Freestyle” (2019) (UK/Sierra Leone)
  6. Blaise “Hennessy Cypher” (2019) (Nigeria)
  7. L-Ness “Freestyle ‘Peers w/Bars’” (Kenya)
  8. Rouge “Rouge Freestyle on Sway” (2019) (South Africa/DRC)
  9. Xtatic “Reignition” from Tatu EP (2019) (Kenya)
  10. Abena Rockstar “Politically Incorrect” from Harvest Season (2019) (Ghana)
  11. Eva Alordiah “Solo Life” (2019) (Nigeria)
  12. Phlow “Hiphop” (2019) (Nigeria)
  13. Lauretta Yemoja “Inferno” (2019) (Nigeria)
  14. Moonaya “Il est temps” (2018) (Senegal)
  15. Mina la Voilée “Girl Power” (2019) (Senegal)
  16. Sista LB “Ji gën – Ladieme” (2019) (Senegal)
  17. OMG “Lu Ci Sa Yoon” (2019) (Senegal)
  18. Flash Marley (with Vicky R) “La Madre” (2019) (Togo)
  19. Assessa “Izangoma” from Ugogo Ep (2018) (South Africa)
  20. Kanyi Mavi “Umsindo” (2019) (South Africa)
  21. Gigi Lamayne “Winnie” from Job Woods (2019) (South Africa)
  22. Yugen Blakrok “Carbon Form” (2018) (South Africa)

Links to the artists in the mixtape are in the track list. Videos for all of 22 songs can also be found on an accompanying video playlist on Youtube.

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