Ozi F Teddy and American culture

The Botswanan rap music I chose for this blog posting is a song called Murda Summer by Ozi F Teddy and Murda. This is one

Sampa The Great and her Motherland

Sampa The Great is probably one of the most internationally well-known African artists in the world. She is an artist from Zambia but based in

Sasa Klaas: Motswana Nicki?

Sasa Klaas is regarded as the most recognizable female rapper in Botswana. Not only her music albums are popular in Botswana, but her presence in

Zeus: “Die and be a hero. Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”

When people are first encountered with the name “Zeus,” people usually first think of the Greek god, but according to the one of the webpage,

Ozi F Teddy, the Controversial Contributor

“Beef is part of hip hop but local controversial rapper, Ozi F Teddy has taken it to another level.” This is a quote from the