Ozi F Teddy and American culture

The Botswanan rap music I chose for this blog posting is a song called Murda Summer by Ozi F Teddy and Murda. This is one of the recently famous hip hop duos in Botswana, and their songs generally leaned toward braggadocio. Being honest, this type of song is not my favorite, and as I have learned more about the culture and hip hop culture, it was difficult for me to appreciate every lyric from the song. However, his color of music and his rapping skills are receiving great respect and attention in the Botswanan hip hop scene, so I am here going to discuss this song and his use of language.

The song Murda summer was first published in 2018, and this song might have been looked and heard trendy at that time, but frankly, I hear this song boring that it does not have its distinct color. In other words, I think this song sounds like other American hip hop songs in 2014 and 2015. The scenes of music videos, where Ozi F Teddy raps with customized cup and cigarette and unnecessary curse words in lyrics with words like “Dope,” make the music sounds very old.

Moreover, the song sounds too much like typical American hip hop songs, and also I believe the emcees are also intentionally trying to make such American looking songs. To elaborate, it seems like Ozi F Teddy, intentionally, uses words that are representations of America’s hip hop culture. For example, he uses the word ‘nigga’ almost in every verse. That word has originated from the bitter part of US history, and the use of that word among African Americans would be how they greet each other. In light of this, having such words in Botswanan hip hop music could be viewed as that the emcee is making songs and music with deep cultural and traditional influences from the United States.

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