Various Interpretations of the Same Lyrics

Kween G, Photo from Daily Maverik Kween G is a hip-hop artist of Ugandan heritage who is based in Australia. As is the case with

Ugandan Rapper and Queer Icon Keko Finds New Home in Canada

Keko Speaks to the Media. Photo from The Ugandan rapper and icon Keko raised eyebrows in an interview she gave with PRI during 2017in

Keko Lifts up Marginalized Communities Through Her Music

By Max Bone A photo of the groundbreaking Ugandan artist Keko. Photo from Flickr  In a May 2017 interview with the international news outlet PRI

Ruyoga Delves into Identity and Self Worth

By Max Bone R Ruyoga during a 2015 performance. Picture from In his 2014 single titled Muhuliire? (Y’heard?), Ugandan hip-hop artist Ruyoga goes into

Bobi Wine Criticizes the President of Uganda through Song

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is currently the fourth-longest serving president in sub-Saharan Africa, having been in power for over thirty years. While the