sampa the great: omg

Sampa The Great‘s “OMG” is a celebration of women and womanhood. Throughout the song, Sampa The Great uses lyrics that amplify the strength, beauty, and power she has. She unapologetically celebrates her life as a woman in Africa empowering the listener with every beat.

“Dripped in melanin, galaxy’s finest Put a bit of pressure on the spirit of the highest Through it I will, do it I will If you don’t believe me, then you betcha I will”

These lyrics exemplify the message of the song by announcing how stunning she is and stating that the perseverance she has carries her through all trials and tribulations. The final line of this excerpt (which can be tied to the line above it) expresses that if someone doesn’t believe in her or her ability to make through her storms than she will believe in herself ten times over. This message shows that all you need is yourself to weather your storms and complete your goals.

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“What a man says he is, he is
As a man thinketh jeeze, Thelma and Louise”

In the second verse Sampa The Great uses her lyrics to tell a woman’s story. In the first line we can decipher that Sampa The Great is explaining how as a woman the things you say are not believed initially if at all. Because of this, there is a mentality that women have to have in order to survive in the patriarchal world. Her message in these lyrics show a part of the hardship that woman especially Black women face daily.

In Sampa The Great’s “OMG” music video, she shows the same celebration that you feel when you listen to the song. With vibrant visuals of women, dancers, and her family the video clearly celebrates womanhood, life, and culture.

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