Contemporary African Female Artists in the Diaspora

As the prominence of African hip-hop artists has spread throughout the continent, so have we seen the emergence of influential

“Take care in your dreaming” The Avalanches ft Sampa the Great – The zambian native making musical strides in the australian diaspora

Sampa the Great is a Zambian hip hop artist that gained traction and success as a member of the African

Cleo Ice Queen – the ‘sensation’-al Challenge to Gender Stereotypes

Cleo Ice Queen is a hip-hop artist, radio and television personality born in Zambia in 1989. With an impressive career

“this is the light” – Sampa the great showcases unreleased song on systemic racism as part of a live virtual performance from zambia

Sampa The Great recently took part in “Black August 2020”, a free virtual benefit concert on the 31st of August

Sampa the Great: “Time’s Up” – challenging industry norms and racism through self empowerment

Sampa The Great serves as a prominent example of a female African hip hop artist that gained traction and success