Diaspora Rappers

Diaspora based artists like K’Naan, Blitz the Ambassador, M3nsa, Wale, and French Montana, and Tabi Bonney have been covered heavily in this blog. There are several other first and second generation African MCs around the world who have not been covered as much in this blog. As students in the Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa course this semester are discussing Diaspora based artists, here are some of the artists those students are looking at. In the coming week students will be putting up posts on these and other African MCs that are based outside of the continent.

Sway (UK/Ghana)IMG_7994Sway on YouTube


Novelist (UK/Ghana) 

IMG_7995Grime & hip hopNovelist on FacebookNovelist on SoundCloudNovelist on Twitter
Kojey Radical (UK/Ghana)

IMG_7997Kojey Radical on FacebookKojey Radical on SoundCloudKojey Radical on Twitter
Little Simz (UK/Nigeria)

IMG_7998Little Simz on FacebookLittle Simz on SoundCloudLittle Simz on TwitterLittle Simz on YouTube
Skepta (UK/Nigeria) 

IMG_7999Grime & Hip Hop

Skepta on YouTubeSkepta on FacebookSkepta on Twitter
Flohio (UK/Nigeria)

IMG_8001Flohio on SoundCloudFlohio on Twitter
MHD (France/Senegal/Guinea)

IMG_8003MHD on YouTubeMHD on FacebookMHD on Twitter


Kween G (Australia/Uganda)

IMG_8005Kween G on SoundCloudKween G on Facebook


Rejjie Snow (Ireland/Nigeria/Jamaica)

IMG_8006Rejjie Snow on YouTube Rejjie Snow on Twitter
Shad (aka Sharach Kabango) (Canada/Kenya)

IMG_8008Shad on YouTube
Shad on Facebook
Aminé (US/Ethiopia)

IMG_8009.JPGAminé on YouTubeAminé on TwitterAminé on SoundCloud
Gabriel Teodros (US/Ethiopia)
IMG_8010.JPGGabriel Teodros on YouTubeGabriel Teodros on Twitter
Rich Garvey (US/Liberia)
IMG_8012Rich Garvey on SoundCloudRich Garvey on Facebook
Say'hu (US/The Gambia)
DNvYLV8X0AEe7pY.jpg-largeSay'hu on SoundCloudSay'hu on FacebookSay'hu on Twitter

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