aminÉ: The king of duality

Adam Aminé Daniel, known as Aminé, is a first-generation American rapper that was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He is the son of Ethiopian

Roots that made me- Amine

Amine is a Ethiopian/Ertriean-American Grammy and BET hip hop awards nominated rapper and songwriter. His career skyrocketed when he released “Caroline” in 2016 it was

Ethiopian artist takes America by storm!

Amine is a new hit artist that took America by storm. However, there are two sides to his identity. He wants his fans to know

Aminé-New Ethiopia

Aminé’s name means loyal and reliable in Amharic. The rise of Aminé would almost seem like the rise of any other modern-day post-Tupac SoundCloud rapper,

A Connection, Not a Title

Recently, I wrote about the Ethiopian-American rapper from Portland, Amine, taking the rap scene by storm. His song ‘Caroline’ was an instant sensation for people

First Generation Superstar

Hip Hop has always been the voice to the underrepresented in our world. Those who haven’t seen themselves in the popular culture of mainstream media

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