Every artist from Ghana has their own special kind of style. I came across Sarkodie and instantly became very interested in his particular sound. Sarkodie has a way of entwining English and Ghanian slang together with such a nice flow that makes you think oh snap let me hear something else. One song that stuck out to me the most was Adonai, he talks about the powers of God the almighty, how he was saved from his troubled past by the lord. Continue reading “Sarkodie”


African infused hip hop is becoming a big thing all over again and many African, but American based artists are climbing the charts and becoming recognized. One of my artist that I liked the most is Amine, he brings a fresh but playful idea to his rap songs. For him the desire to rap came at a very young age when he made a rap diss in high school for a rival high school. Aminé is of Ethiopian decent 1st generation in the states born and raised in Portland Oregon. Though his music is very unique and with a goofy style twist his talent is something that caught the worlds attention. He learned how to make his own beats and even his own visions on all of his music videos. Where I feel his roots come out the most is through his style and choice in music, he is very unfiltered and raw which is hard for a lot of americanized rappers today. Amine is very interesting because even though he does have African decent he does not show it in a way you would think. He wants to create this new image of neither his African decent and or American image. He does not have much content out to show exactly where he wants to take his vision and music just yet. but from songs he have heard you can hear the accents and slang from Ethiopian. In his song here even though we don’t get to physically see his artistic vision we hear how he blends his Ethiopian side and with a modern day style of hip hop. He is more interested about telling a story to his fans than selling something

Female Rappers in Ghana

There are many female rappers in Ghana but the one who takes the cake is Eno Barony.  Full name Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom born in in Tema Ghana on October 30th, 1991. She went all the way on to achieving her tertiary education at Kumasi Poltechnic. Her professional musical career really took off in 2014. She is officially signed to 2MG music label owned by Mix Master Garzy. Eno is one of Ghana’s finest female rappers in Africa, she sticks to her words that she is on the front line and champion in the female rap course. She created her own path in the rapper industry in Ghana because most of the female acts sing or aren’t as lyrically inclined as she is. In African countries and even some in America, female rappers are turned away or just plain ignored in the growing fast paced industry. Men make it very hard to share the title in the rap game so, female artist tend to turn to singing careers. But that didnt scare Eno away, she is proud, confident, strong and ready to take her music all the way to the top. Her goal is to influence society, she thinks of herself as a Female warrior who wants to continue encouraging more Ghanaian artist to take their music all the way to the top. She is no where near close to quitting the game and just dropped her first album whose messages were unbelievably interesting. She doesn’t see herself as an underground celebrity but an A-lister who can make it all the way to the top. It is beyond ridiculous that still in 2018 women have issues with being seen in lanes supposedly meant for men. Even with her blossoming music career Eno has also successfully executed a project called Save Mama Today along with many notable artists.

Ghana’s Social and Political influence


Kwame Ametepee Tsikata aka M.anifest is one of the most influential Ghana hip hop artist. He was named “the foremost rapper on the continent”, because of his great contributions to the African Hip hip movement. Continue reading “Ghana’s Social and Political influence”

Hip-Hop in Ghana

I chose Ghana and the artist that I found is M.anifest. His vibe is very interesting the way he connects hip-hip into his own everyday culture. In a lot of his older videos he kept the feel of video very relatable, he was in the everyday scenery but his flow was not completely understandable. Continue reading “Hip-Hop in Ghana”