Ghana’s Social and Political influence


Kwame Ametepee Tsikata aka M.anifest is one of the most influential Ghana hip hop artist. He was named “the foremost rapper on the continent”, because of his great contributions to the African Hip hip movement.

Many of his songs give us a sense of understanding in the life of a Ghanaian or any person in South Africa for that matter. In many of his videos he incorporates the areas of where he grew up, experienced and lived. His most important video to me was Coming to America because he is learning how to readjust to his new life in this so called “better world”. And how immigrants feel when they all step foot onto a new world and how hard it was to not be discouraged everyday because they have people back at home still depending on them. In this video he takes us through his journey from the moment he gets off the plane to discovering this new world and figuring out how to navigate and become something out of this world. They go through life everyday not knowing what tomorrow will hold, not knowing if things will get better and some also just living in fear of getting thrown in jail or getting deported. just readjusting to the social differences and understanding how to somewhat fit in without losing your roots. He shows how they would connect the two worlds and make it their own.

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