Hip-Hop in Ghana

I chose Ghana and the artist that I found is M.anifest. His vibe is very interesting the way he connects hip-hip into his own everyday culture. In a lot of his older videos he kept the feel of video very relatable, he was in the everyday scenery but his flow was not completely understandable. He had this one video called “forget dem” and it was set in the city life. The story behind the video was him trying to make his boss “cool” and just be a better person who wasn’t so uptight. And that video reminded me a lot of the rappers back in the 2000’s. They also had this drawn out storyline for their music video. Now one of his newer songs was way more cultured. You see them in more traditional pattern clothes, and in a village type area partying having a good time. In many of his videos we see a very rich African culture come to life and in some ways we see a lot of similarities to our own culture. Which is very interesting because you never really get to see the different sides in the African cultures, they are always very one sided. M.anifest in one of his songs “Someway Bi” he raps about the struggles of the everyday life and how they all seem to still put a smile on their face and find some kind of joy in life, just like we do. In this video he takes us through the day to day struggles such as trying to make a dollar out of anything to deal with an annoying boss to a husband you just can not stand. But on the other side he shows the happiness they have on Friday and it is cool to see what they do, where they go to have fun, how they praise the lord, play games, hangout with friends or just simply being with family.

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