African infused hip hop is becoming a big thing all over again and many African, but American based artists are climbing the charts and becoming recognized. One of my artist that I liked the most is Amine, he brings a fresh but playful idea to his rap songs. For him the desire to rap came at a very young age when he made a rap diss in high school for a rival high school. Aminé is of Ethiopian decent 1st generation in the states born and raised in Portland Oregon. Though his music is very unique and with a goofy style twist his talent is something that caught the worlds attention. He learned how to make his own beats and even his own visions on all of his music videos. Where I feel his roots come out the most is through his style and choice in music, he is very unfiltered and raw which is hard for a lot of americanized rappers today. Amine is very interesting because even though he does have African decent he does not show it in a way you would think. He wants to create this new image of neither his African decent and or American image. He does not have much content out to show exactly where he wants to take his vision and music just yet. but from songs he have heard you can hear the accents and slang from Ethiopian. In his song here even though we don’t get to physically see his artistic vision we hear how he blends his Ethiopian side and with a modern day style of hip hop. He is more interested about telling a story to his fans than selling something

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