Roots that made me- Amine

Amine is a Ethiopian/Ertriean-American Grammy and BET hip hop awards nominated rapper and songwriter. His career skyrocketed when he released “Caroline” in 2016 it was number 5 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs in 2016-2017. He performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and released additional songs to his first album “Good for you”.

On August 7, 2020 he released his album “Limbo” which has been successful. Amine’s song “Roots” discusses how his heritage and background is the center to his identity. He talks about his identity as if it was an actual flower. He says “ These roots made me, I bring my flowers to the world”. He emphasizes how his background is what made him become the person he is today. Things in life affect the way he grows as a person. He says,” Plants need both water and nutrients to survive, food Most plants use water to carry moisture, nutrients”. In order to grow as a person you not only have to surround yourself with individuals that nurture that growth, but you have to have the strength to get up, do better and always allow room for growth.

Amine’s career is a great example of this which is why this song is suited for him. He had a typical student background where he went to university, but then decided that he wanted to drop out and focus his time on making music. Which isn’t typical in an Ethiopian family it is very much emphasized that the only career paths are to become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. However, his choice defies the norm and his family continues to support him and his endeavors. Towards the end of the song Amine says, “Get your ass up out that grass and stretch your limbs Photosynthesis, I see the future picture, take a glimpse Everything you tryna have is in your grab, so get a grip”. He makes it a point throughout the song that anyone can grow and become whom they choose to be. Your background is only the foundation to who you are.

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