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Amine known by his real name – Adam Amine Daniel born and raised in Portland, Oregon is an American rapper with roots in Africa (Ethiopia). He first caught my attention when I came across his single “Caroline”. I heard the NPR version where he played with semi full band and backup singer in the NPR studio/Book store. His flow is like nobody else that I have heard recently. The main reason why I can fall in love with his work, mainly has to do with his ability to enunciate and have a coherent lyric that is not about cars, weed and other personal belongings. Rap – the genre itself is self-centered now a day. It has become pretty much a personal inventory for the famous and rich. For instance, if we take 21 savage, he says I got two, three, four million in my bank account. I do not even know what the significance of this line is in the whole song.

Amine raps about diverse topics. Past relationships, politics…to support this I would like to point readers to the lyrics from his performance on “The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon”

“9/11, a day that we never forgetting, 11/9, a day that we all regrettin’, If my president is Trump then it’s relevant enough to talk ’bout it on TV and not give a… I’m black, and I’m proud my skin is brown and I’m loud, everybody love it when a rapper tells some lies well that ain’t me, homie, I guess that’s a surprise America wanna act all happy and holy but deep down inside they’re like Brad and Jolie, Caroline divine and I won’t get specific, Club Banana the illest and it’s too terrific, You can never make America great again, all you ever did was make this country hate again.”

Amine is also outspoken about his roots and the immigration crisis that the USA is facing. During the 2016 presidential election amine said, “My parents are immigrants to this country, they came to this country for a better opportunity just like everyone else”. The class that I am writing this for is Hip-hop in Africa, which focuses mainly on African hip-hop artists. Amine is an American hip-hop artist with a very tie to Africa through his parents. Even tough, he specifically does not preach about being African, he addressed the issue of being an immigrant.

I would like to invite readers to watch the video that I will attach below to back what is said about his performance on the late-night show.

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