Original Ethiopian Mixtape

Liner Note: Crop tops, lipstick, and dance moves seem to be the three adjectives that bring each song featured on this mixtape together. It is

Ethiopia’s Artist: Teddy Yo

Teddy Yo is a solidified Ethiopian artist. He focuses on using elements of Hip Hop and rap to further his promote masterful use of words.

Art and Expression

Mereba is an Ethiopian rapper who I have been interested in for quite sometime. Her music is not only methodical but also reflects a lot

Lola Monroe- Stay Schemin’ Freestyle (Video)

Fershgenet Melaku, better known as LoLa Monroe is the artist I chose to write my review on. She is an artist of Ethiopian descent and also

Ella Man – LE ‘ TEZETA | ለትዝታ – New Ethiopian Music 2019 (Official Video)

Rapping has inherently become a part of Ethiopian culture, specifically rapping in Amharic which is the native language. In Ethiopia, Tigrenne and Oromo are also

Ethiopian artist takes America by storm!

Amine is a new hit artist that took America by storm. However, there are two sides to his identity. He wants his fans to know