Ethiopia’s Artist: Teddy Yo

Teddy Yo is a solidified Ethiopian artist. He focuses on using elements of Hip Hop and rap to further his promote masterful use of words. His latest album came from 2018 Prisoner that focuses on how we are prisoners of culture. Yo elaborates on the human intricacies that force us to be staples of our culture and environment. He mentions in his song that the fruit of the eye is unbroken which one who has thoroughly observed his environment he can testify it as the truth. Because it is true, it’s that individuals truth. As the song title translates to english, “You are mine.” Yo continues to display this possessive culture that many minoritized communities have created due to the constant experience of being overlooked. The song explains how aspects of the community finds its way into higher classes without any accreditation to the ones who created it leaving them to continue to be oppressed. He refers to the culture as she to give it the vulnerable view of the most oppressed and marginalized groups on this Earth. It carries through her rough emotions of past trauma causing her to lose feminine energy. It leaves him feeling de-masculated because he can’t protect her from the experience. He can’t change an audience he doesn’t have the power to influence or control. He is heartbroken and left to cry in his songs. But he cries intentionally. He cries to his people and to his oppressors pleading on their ears for empathy. This is an intentional cry for help. Because you must inform them of their doing even if it is discovered long after you passing. As people continue to listen to Teddy Yo and music that reflect this piece they are reaching a higher state of consciousness. They are more aware of their surroundings and their intentions. It pushes the entire group forward.

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