The Cookie Jar (The Sun’s Tirade Podcast) Indigo + Asha Avery

Podcast Script-Asha Avery + Indigo Bain Album/artist review The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad


Debut mixtape – Elevated State Of Mind Debut album – The Muse, which accumulated tons of streams across all platforms. Samsonyte’s 12-track debut album contained “Lucy,” a

Omo Frenchie-London/Congo

______________________________________________________________________________ Bio: Born in Democratic Republic of the Congo Raised in Peckham, London Maintains pride in his heritage. Omo Frenchie’s parents ensured that Congolese music

Lola Monroe, A Star by Indigo Bain

Albums: 1) Boss Bitch’s World (2009) 2) The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art of Motivation (2009) 3) Untouchables (w/ Lil Boosie) (2009) 4) Batteries Not Included (2010) 5) Lipstick & Pistols (2013)

Aminé-New Ethiopia

Aminé’s name means loyal and reliable in Amharic. The rise of Aminé would almost seem like the rise of any other modern-day post-Tupac SoundCloud rapper,