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Debut album – The Muse, which accumulated tons of streams across all platforms. Samsonyte’s 12-track debut album contained “Lucy,” a mellow track sampling Dr. Dre’s “Xxplosive” and Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”

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Texas also has a vivacious Ethiopian community, with Dallas having the biggest concentration.

Samsonyte’s use of lyrics in his song ‘Lucy’ are centered around cliche American HipHop topics and he utilizes HHPL to get these topics across. The chorus centers around marijuana use and traveling around the city with his homies. However, there is a “new-age,” psychedelic aspect to his music. He raps in English about his issues with depression and anxiety. His constant need to get out of his body is relatable to the topics of 21st-century rap artists.

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Samsonyte has accumulated more than 1.9 million streams on Spotify for his single “Lucy” that features Scotty May. He has over 2.8 million streams on his top 10 songs on Spotify, and he hasn’t even released a project since his debut collection, The Muse, in 2017.

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The one word that can describe his lyrics in ‘Lucy’ are antisocial. When he says “he goes ghost,” or “he has been gone for two weeks,” he is developing a reclusive tone of voice. Samsonyte is here to share his jazzy neo-soul and retro vibes with the world.

Committed to turning music into his profession, Samsonyte has recently quit his day job to pursue music full-time and focus on his sophomore album.

Sonic Inspirations:

André 3000,

Pharrell Williams,

J. Cole

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Sam formed a collective of creatives called Elevated with friends from high school. His camp consists of a loyal and hardworking bunch who share a common vision:

Leroyce, a producer and recording artist in Elevated, has also seen early success, with two songs that have over 2.6 million streams.

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2020 plans:

Samsonyte will be releasing a solo project along with a collaboration with Leroyce. Fans on social media continue to express how eager they are for a new project they can ride and smoke weed to. And it’s no surprise that this is how fans best enjoy their music.

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