Lola Monroe, A Star by Indigo Bain

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1) Boss Bitch’s World (2009)

2) The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art of Motivation (2009)

3) Untouchables (w/ Lil Boosie) (2009)

4) Batteries Not Included (2010)

5) Lipstick & Pistols (2013)

6) Boss Bitch’s World 2 (2013)

Prominent Elements included in her music:

Braggadocio: I don’t think that Lola Monroe includes this element in her rap music to equate to men because her bars are true. Before she was in hip-hop she lived a lifestyle worthy of Braggadocio because of acting and modeling.

Bourgeoisie: This is exemplified in her outfits because they all have sparkles and glittery material. This represents her persona as a “star,” rather than just a rapper. She isn’t for the grime or the slums she is about the finer things in life. This is an interesting stance to take because hip-hop is a culture birthed out of poverty. I respect the fact that she decided to take a stance as who she is (a star) rather than a facade of her being from the slums.

Sexuality: This aspect of her image and music is debatable because the argument could be made that her sexuality is over-portrayed through her revealing clothing items. On the other hand, however, the argument can be made that she is 100% just self-expressive and her sexuality is intertwined with her art and therefore is obvious.

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1986: Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in Washington D.C. Lola Monroe was originally an actress.

2009: Lola Monroe released her first mixtape, Boss Bitch’s World. Her second mixtape, The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art of Motivation, was issued in October. She also released her collaboration mixtape Untouchables later the same year.

2010: Lola Monroe released her mixtape’s first single, “Overtime”. A video for the song was also recorded and premiered on 106 and Park. In December, LoLa released her fourth mixtape, Batteries Not Included.

2011: Monroe was nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards

2013: Lola Monroe released her debut single “B.B. (Boss Bitch)” featuring Juicy J and Chevy Woods, produced by Sledgren and supposed to be on her debut album. Then on September 19, she along with producer Cardo left Taylor Gang and dismissed their affiliation with the label.[oLa Monroe later confirmed that she had never signed to the label in the first place.


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