Gabriel Teodros Brings Ethiopia to the Emerald City

Gabriel Teodros has been making socially conscious hip-hop music for nearly 20 years. The Ethiopian-American artist, based out of Seattle, Washington, he managed to infuse his Abyssinian heritage with the Pacific Northwest world around him. An early agent on the Northwest hip-hop scene, Teodros worked with and paved the way for other notable Seattle acts like Macklemore and Blue Scholars.

Major themes throughout Teodros’s discography have been immigration, progressive politics, black unity, self-exploration, and, on the production side, international collaboration and literary inspiration. Teodros has been cited pulling inspiration from prominent black diaspora figures and working with artists from New Zealand, Ethiopia, and opposite coast in D.C. Continue reading “Gabriel Teodros Brings Ethiopia to the Emerald City”

Diaspora Rappers

Diaspora based artists like K’Naan, Blitz the Ambassador, M3nsa, Wale, and French Montana, and Tabi Bonney have been covered heavily in this blog. There are several other first and second generation African MCs around the world who have not been covered as much in this blog. As students in the Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa course this semester are discussing Diaspora based artists, here are some of the artists those students are looking at. In the coming week students will be putting up posts on these and other African MCs that are based outside of the continent. Continue reading “Diaspora Rappers”