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B-Threy’s Nicyo Gituma was released back in July of 2020 features a relatively new genre of hip hop in Rwanda known as Kinyatrap. Pioneered by hip hop artist Bushali, Kinyatrap consists of a form of trap music that is lyric heavy as well as localized in Rwanda that integrates Kinyarwanda in its songs. Kinyarwanda is one of the major languages spoken by about ten million people in Rwanda. Bushali had the help of B-Threy (IG: @b.threy) and other artists to coin this new trap music unique to Rwanda. In the song, it sounds like B-Threy is almost paying homage to Kinyatrap and its influence in Rwandan Hip Hop culture. B-Threy raps primarily in Kinyarwanda to keep the Rwandan element.

Kinyatrap has a flow and beat similar to drill music in the United States. Drill traces its roots to the south side of Chicago that consists of trap music affiliated with the gangster lifestyle. Oppositions denounce this hard and authentic music as the reason for violence and crime when in reality artists are trying to bring awareness to their situations and the dire effects of oppression and capitalism.

Nicyo Gituma emulates a lot of New York City drill in its specific sounds and cadence. In the music video features B-Threy and others attempting to Woo Walk, originated in New York and mostly seen amongst New York rappers such as Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign. As well as the graphics, the scenes of people gathered around getting hyped to the song is often portrayed in a lot of drill music videos in NYC, Chicago, and London.

The establishment of Kinyatrap was that of a weary and risky one. Artists were unsure of the reactions of listeners to this fresh genre of new school hip hop. However, artists were blown away by the overwhelming support and delighted responses by listeners. B-Threy and other Rwandan hip hop artists continue to push for the expansion of Kinyatrap. The emergence of Kinyatrap further explains how different genres of hip hop are interconnected and bounce off each other from all over the world.

Nicyo Gituma by B Threy Official Video - YouTube

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