Stickin 2 u

For each assignment we have been given, I have tried to make it a habit to focus my blog post on the women rappers of

drill in rwanda

B-Threy’s Nicyo Gituma was released back in July of 2020 features a relatively new genre of hip hop in Rwanda known as Kinyatrap. Pioneered by

Kenny K-Shot: Sound Familiar?

In my search for new music in the Rwandan scene, I came across Kenny Rulisa, a.k.a Kenny K-Shot, a rapper born and raised in Kigali.

pain and moving forward: rwanda and Gaël faye

Only twenty seven years after the Rwandan genocide, the country continues to heal and move past this historic tragedy. This painful historic background has not

Shad the Storyteller

Representation and roots are the foundation for hip hop.  Without representation, hip hop would arguably not exist.  Further, with culture, comes language.  So when Shadrach Kabango, also known

Deeply Indebted

The well known rapper SHAD is another Kenyan artist who has defied the odds. SHAD was born in Kenya in 1982 but was raised in