Shad the Storyteller

Representation and roots are the foundation for hip hop.  Without representation, hip hop would arguably not exist.  Further, with culture, comes language.  So when Shadrach Kabango, also known

Wangechi’s World

“It is easy for a guy to be a recognized as a rapper but not so for female rappers,” says Wangechi Waweru; this sentiment is

King Kaka’s Key

No matter location – whether in America, the United Kingdom, or Kenya –artists use hip hop to not only make songs, which satisfy the listeners,

Camp Mulla’s Rise and Fall

Camp Mulla has been credited with shaping the Kenyan hip hop scene, since their rise to recognition in the late 2000s.  Their self-proclaimed roots are in

MoJuice’s Barak Jacuzzi Has the Juice

Barak Jacuzzi is taking not only the Kenyan hip hop scene by storm, but also dominating in America.  Getting his start as the “hype man” for