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“It is easy for a guy to be a recognized as a rapper but not so for female rappers,” says Wangechi Waweru; this sentiment is a driving force in Waweru’s career to pave a path for other female, Kenyan rappers.  Known by her stage name, “Wangechi,” she has been well recepted in the Kenyan hip hop scene. Born in Nairobi, Wangechi has been involved in music since 2013, releasing her debut mixtape “Consume Chakula Ya Soul.”  On her mixtape, she impressed listeners with her ability to articulate rap lyrics, while maintaining a vocal pitch.  However, her career in music has not necessarily been easy.  In 2014, her life stopped when she was involved in a fatal car accident, which killed her best friend.  She broke her left hand, nose, and jaw and injured her brain, causing her to be unable to walk for two months.  Yet, this did not stop Wangechi; it was only a bump on her fast track to success.   When talking about the content of her music, Wangechi says she writes about her life, not focusing on making “commercial music.”  She states, the first song on the album I wrote “after being discharged from the hospital – “Cardiac Arrest,” which was about the accident.  

Her next big hit and “come back” project was when she debuted her 10 track EP called “Don’t Consume if Seal is Broken” in December of 2016.  Yet, it was when she had a verse on King Kala’s song “Ligi Soo” that Wangechi gained true notability in the hip hop sphere.  “Ligi Soo” featured a plethora of Kenyan female rappers and gave Wangechi the extra boost to promote herself more and release more music.  Being on a different platform, Wangechi wrote and performed the anthem to the “Here to Us” campaign, which was a movement focused on uniting Kenyans towards a common goal.  As if her music career could not get any more impressive, she graduated from Strathmore University with a degree in Financial Economics.  Not only is Wangechi ready to take on the hip hop world, but the business world too. Check out Wangechi’s latest song, “Sana Sana” below.

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