celebrate the female braggadocio

From the outsider’s gaze, hip hop is at times seen as monolithic and is trivialized by the outsider’s perspective – labelled as materialistic, unnecessary, and

Namibia’s Finest Ladies of HIP-HOP Mixtape

Namibia is a country with many talented emcees, especially women. The mixtape, “Namibia’s Finest Ladies of Hip-Hop” features Ghetto Ballerina, Bella Harris, Lioness, RÖMI, and

Eno Barony: One of many female ghanaian hip-hop artists to make history

Female hip-hop artists in Africa have entirely transformed the music industry, made immense impacts on the community, and created spaces for themselves within the hypermasculine,


Flohio is a rapper from South East London with familial roots in Lagos, Nigeria. With her totally unconventional sound, Flohio uses witty lines and supernatural

Bree Runway, Your New Fave

Bree Runway, born Brenda Wireko Mensah, is a 28 year old musician skilled in both singing and rapping. Originally hailing from Ghana, the artist grew

Shaybo represents

This week we’re highlighting the Nigerian-born UK based rapper, Shaybo. Unlike some female rappers today who take a more nuanced approach to their style Shaybo

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