“Identify Yourself” – Stella Mwagni Speaks to Awareness for Social Change

The final two lines of this rap capture the essence of her message to the audience: be aware so that

Monski: Kenya’s Need to Know Rapper

It’s no secret that the “femcees” of Kenyan hip hop have been dominating the industry and redefining gender roles with

Stella Mwangi’s Global Roots

In the video for her 2014 track “Biashara,” rapper Stella Mwangi, also known as STL, boldly addresses the viewer as

Shad the Storyteller

Representation and roots are the foundation for hip hop.  Without representation, hip hop would arguably not exist.  Further, with culture, comes language.  So

Wangechi’s World

“It is easy for a guy to be a recognized as a rapper but not so for female rappers,” says

Juliani Wants to Lead Kenyans to “Victory through Misery”

Hip hop in Kenya, as around the globe, provides an ideal platform for artists to share their perspectives surrounding issues

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