Palm Wine no Whisky

  Ghana is known for being a pioneer of African Independence. Kwame Nkrumah lead a crusade to reclaim Africa for Africans and invited the whole

You Bad Huh?

  A femcee is a female rapper. She is no different than anyone else, except she is a woman brave enough to step up to

Black Like Me

Hip Hop was borne from the oppression Black people faced in their urban communities and the outlet to this madness was found in a dope beat

143 M3nsa

Boundaries are meant to be pushed. Boundaries are usually created out of false norms and restrictive rules. Hip Hop oftentimes finds itself stuck in a

It’s the LIB Music O’

Liberia has a thriving music scene that includes both hip hop and pop music. The hip hop scene ranges from true to the roots, grimy,