M.anifest’s “Coming to America” and the Diaspora

M.anifest’s song “Coming to America” tells us a lot about the African Diaspora. The song mentions many things that Africans struggle with and it also

Stella Mwangi x Lady Leshurr

The first video I watched was “stella stella stella” by Stella Mwangi. Stella Mwangi is a femcee from Kenya. The video for this song is

Corazon vs. Pills and Potions

  The two videos I chose to focus on for this comparison are “Corazon” by South African artist Rouge and “Pills and Potions” by American

M.anifest -B.E.A.R

The video that I watched was from a Ghanaian artist named “M.anifest”. The name of this particular song is “B.E.A.R”. Even after watching the video

South African Artists

The first video I watched was by a popular South African hip hop artist named Tweezy. I watched the video for his 2016 hit “Ambitions”.