M.anifest -B.E.A.R

The video that I watched was from a Ghanaian artist named “M.anifest”. The name of this particular song is “B.E.A.R”. Even after watching the video and listening to the song I’m still not quite sure what B.EA.R stands for but i definitely liked the video. This video is fairly new; it was posted to YouTube in January. I actually really like the song and the video. The songs was ultimately about how many people count him out and underestimate him but he’s going to prove them wrong. He mentioned some of his recent accolades like him speaking at different colleges and having so many shows. He also has really creative  and clever metaphors. Many of the aspects of the video were unique and other aspects reminded me of music videos from U.S. artists. The opening scene of the video really grasped my attention. At first glance you would think it was a bunch of men holding what appear to be army rifles. When taking a closer look you realize that what looks like guns are actually musical instruments like trumpets and trombones which I thought was really creative because they were holding them like you would hold a gun. He also made several American references in the song when he mentioned Funk Flex, Tupac, and Complex magazine. One of his outfits was more American while his other outfit was more African and I liked how he brought both styles together. I also think it’s cool how he switches up his languages constantly throughout the song. His has a really good ability to smoothly transition from one language to the other without messing up the flow of the song. The song is really  upbeat and the chorus is really catchy. M.anifest is a perfect example of a Ghanian artist who is americanized but also stays true to his culture and is constantly representing his country.


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