Stickin 2 u

For each assignment we have been given, I have tried to make it a habit to focus my blog post on the women rappers of Rwanda. I found the personal goal challenging. Most women artists from Rwanda were singers rather than MCs. So I would sit for hours searching the web until I found a song to fit the prompt given by my professor. And many of the artists that came and were interviewed during our class spoke of the struggles of being in a male-dominated industry and saying “I’m here to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hear me roar.” I came across “Stickin 2 U” featuring Malaika Uwamahoro, Mucyo, Kanaka, Angell Mutoni, Chase, and Mike Kayihura. It was during one of the prompts about finding a video with a message and I couldn’t use it for that but I downloaded it and added it to my playlist. I think the song really spoke to me because it included 3 women owning their sexuality and their love. It was slow and it was an overall good experience while watching the video. It’s baby-making music. It’s giving the vibe of “meeting in my bedroom” by silk or “knockin da boots” by H-Town. It should be added to the newer additions of the baby-making music. Even without the music video, the song includes three Rwandan musicians owning their art and expressing it in their own way. They sing they dance, they rap. It’s the perfect expression of what makes their music theirs without ruining the song and video as a whole. The video itself includes these women enjoying themselves to the fullest extent. No cares in the world, strictly vibes and a good time. Above is the video and y’all should check it out! The song is definitely a must add!


Angell Mutoni



Twitter: @AngellMutoniRw

Malaika Uwamahoro

Twitter: @MalaikaWamahoro

Instagram: @Uwa_mahoro



Instagram: @mucyosounds



Instagram: @kanaka_rw


Twitter: @kanaka_rw


Instagram: @chasetotheworld

Twitter: @chasetotheworld

Other music:

Mike Kayihura

Instagram: @mikekayihura

Twitter: @mikekayihura


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