Wegz is determined to put the Spotlight on Egypt

When it comes to the Hip-Hop scene in Africa, countries such as South Africa and Senegal first come to mind but lately, Wegz has been making a name for himself in the music industry. Ahemed Ali, who goes by the stage name of Wegz, is a 24-year-old Egyptian trap artist who has risen up the charts and has caught the attention of music listeners across the world. He was born in 1998 and raised in Al Wardian, Alexandria. 

Prior to establishing his own music career, Ahmed Ali was a worker at a local telecommunications company but had to immediately quit his job to dedicate all of his personal time to crafting his musical sound and creating music. Wegz officially began his career in 2017 when he released several tracks such as “Batalo Fake” and “ Barbeque”. These tracks were essentially known for his hardcore element, which would later lay the foundation for developing his trap sound. In March 2018, he released his official debut single, “TNT”. Throughout his career, he has been known to mix trap, mumble rap, electro shaabi, pop, and other music genres into his own style. Currently, he has over 300 million views on Youtube. Furthermore, he was Egypt’s most-streamed artist on Spotify last year and was the second most-streamed Arab artist in MENA on Deezer in 2020. 

In terms of musician influences, Wegz has cited musicians such as Young Thug, ASAP Rocky, Mob Deep, Future,  Justin Bieber, Mohamed Mounir, and  Adaweyya, Dalida as his influences per a recent interview with GQ Magazine. Even though the Egyptian hip-hop scene is not as structured as the rap scene in Senegal, South Africa, and other countries in Africa, Wegz is deemed as the next artist to really put the spotlight on the hip-hop scene in Egypt forever.

Here are some YouTube links to Wegz’s music:

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