Jizzle D Lyrical Kiddo

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Born in Bakau in The Gambia in 1989, Jerreh Jallow, popularly called Jizzle D Lyrical Kiddo is a dancehall and rap artist. He majors in rap but occasionally sings dancehall. He sings in three West African languages namely Fula, Mandingo and Wolof. In his song Alagie he mixes English with one of the three languages mentioned before. Like bars like “She feeling the nigga mom muneh man ma koh deh  joh lum buga / Hold up ma nigga mak yow bokunu level ma nigga / Am  way up my nigga feeling so blessed no complaino ma nigga”.

Even though I have no idea what he saying sometimes its catchy so I rock with it. He keeps it up throughout the song. If my theory is correct he named the song after the Gambian soccer player Alagie Sosseh, which would make sense because he says “Am switching these cars like Alagie”. With him mentioning Gambian culture he also raps about American culture “Spraying money on these girls like Alagie / All my girls look like Kim Kardashian / I met a bad gurl from malawia / She cant believe say imma Gambian”. Everybody want a baddie by they side and he said all his girls look like Kim so I might have to tyb.  He also raps about a common theme in American rap, the come up. “I used to be broke But now pocket no deh empty yeh / I never had hoes but now getting them plenty yeh”. I think every male can relate to those bars even if they simply come up twenty dollars and glow up just a bit to get that girl they been dming in Twitter. He uses a lot of slang in the song like “Walahi my life is a movie eyy”. Walahi meaning I swear to god. Alagie is song about the come up along with a little flexing. Something we all can relate to so check it out.





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