Jizzle D Lyrical Kiddo

Born in Bakau in The Gambia in 1989, Jerreh Jallow, popularly called Jizzle D Lyrical Kiddo is a dancehall and rap artist. He majors in

Young Fedora

Say’hu is a Gambian American hip-hop recording artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. His music stresses the issues of capitalism, poverty, and war and is often

The Dancehall Diva

Sophia Byass is  a rapper, dancehall singer, and songwriter from Gambia. She was born on March 26, 1993. She started music at a young age

Power of Freedom

In Retsam’s, real name Jerreh Badjie, song power of freedom he expresses that the people of Gambia should have the rights stated in their constitution.

Mighty Joe

In his song They Say he talks about his haters and how they can not hold him back. He talks about how no matter what they